"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


26. Friday 4 ♡

Friday 4 ♡

I was drawing a picture of what I image Luke & I's kid to look like when I get a FaceTime call.

I quickly answer not seeing who it was because I was so extremely lonely right now.

It was Luke. And the moment I see his face I fall in love all over again.

I'm guessing Michael didn't tell him I was in love with him because Luke would have said something about it, but no I'm not in love with Michael I was just so sad about Luke leaving without warning me first.

" I said Hi!" Luke says.

"Oh sorry I was daydreaming." I quickly say.

"About?" He asks.

I show him the picture im drawing of what I think our baby would look like, lying to him saying that's what I was daydreaming about.

"So it's a boy?" He asks.

" I don't know I was just guessing" I say.

"When do you find out the gender?" He asks me smiling.

"Whenever I come back from seeing Yall." I say.

"Well I got to go, we have to go get ready to perform, talk to you later I love you Ansley." He says.

"I love you too." I say smiling and end the call.

I haven't heard him say that in forever.

I get up and get dressed I was about to head out the door and then it hits me

I'm going to have to face the guy who killed my best friend, Ashton.

That night when he told me he was the one who killed her I slapped him in his face and left.

I wasn't going to tell the cops and ruin Luke's band, for thats his dream, and there extremely talented, why ruin Luke,Calum,& Michael who did absolutely nothing wrong?

Plus Josh deserved to stay in prison as long as possible because after all he did kill my brother!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared of Ashton, even though I have no idea why he killed Nicole or how...

Anyways I proceed and head out my front door.

I head to the mall to shop for new clothes for when I have to travel to London to see the boys & to get my mind off things.

The first place I go to is Hollister, then Wet Seal and right when I was about to walk into some other store I bump right into Becca!

"Hey!!!" I say getting excited.

"Hey girl!" She says.

And when that I keep the conversation going and walk beside her through the mall and buy more clothes with her.

*Sorry the chapters are getting boring but the ending is really big*

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