Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


15. Chapter Fifteen

"But its a scavenger hunt."  I complained. "I can't even find the way to the bathrooms at this point! Actually..." I added, suddenly realizing "I've never been shown the bathroom" I hopped onto the table. 

"Really?" Asked Bo, doing the same. 

"Yeah." I said. 

"You have." Said Eliza "You just didn't pay attention." Eliza, sat on the chair my feet were propped onto. They fell to the ground. 

"How unlike me." I said, drably. "So...Scavenger Hunt!" I said energetically. 

'"Scavenger Hunt.'' Repeated Bo.

"Speaking of Scavenger Hunts  what do we have to find." Asked Eliza, to the point as always. 

"Uhh..." Said Bo, staring at me. "Ummm.. Oh yeah!" he pulled out a rumpled paper, folded into the smallest of squares. He tossed it to Eliza. She caught it with both hands and opened it. Her eyes scanned it. After a minute she said 

"We're searching for bouncing balls?" She asked incredulously. 

"It was Finn's idea." Said Bo. 

"Well, can we split up?" Asked Eliza. 

"If we do that, then I can't get to know your teamwork skills and use that to judge whether to eliminate you or not." Said Bo. I held out my hand to Eliza to see the paper. She handed it to me. I scanned it. 

"We have to find the throne room?" I asked incredulously. "I don't know where that is!" I lowered my head, then an idea came to my head and I raised my eyes to Bo. "Can you help us?"

"No." replied Bo. quickly raising his eyebrows then lowering them. 

"I know where it is." Said Eliza. 

"How?" I asked. 

"Yesterday, in the time before dinner, while you two were off...canoodling, and the other girls were off gossiping in the garden, I went exploring.''

"Do you know all of the places mentioned?" I asked, waving around the paper. 

"Mostly." She said. 

"When are we starting?" I asked Bo. He looked up at a clock on the wall. 

"Umm... Three minutes." He said. 

"Okay! We have a plan!" I said. 

"Sort of." Said Bo. 

"Yes.We do." I said, glaring at Bo. 


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