Fate is a Conclusion.



1. Fate is a Conclusion.

                                                              Fate Is A Conclusion.

  A touch of her unpredictable kiss is the only thing that holds a tight grasp on the future of you, me, anyone. She and she alone strengthens and weakens the bonds of unimaginable power that emotionally connect people, things, places together. It deducts conscience and replaces it with an unpredictable clock; the clock of timings which has a tendency to jump so suddenly within the labyrinth of misfortune as it ticks. Gliding over the line of time she watches in preparation, ready to pounce... But when will she pounce? Who knows? Not even she can predict that.  But we must be ready for her, keeping open what is most importantly impregnated on our minds, thinking always of the consequences to her ' surprises'.  Like a snake we are forever coiled and wrapped around her fingers, tangled in the clutches of not just her, but others too, whom seek to join in being as one at her hand.    Only one word can ever describe her; unpredictable.    Invisible bonds, chain to her and stick like glue, leashing herself to the ever faithful of the wrongdoers and sinners. Who can you trust? But who will you trust?  And as the the chain starts to restrain me from any other path it opens the window on the harsh realities possible that the path splits to, visions of completely unique scenarios that are not all good; through some we see the dark and the cold, hatred the emotion that belittles all and through others we see hope; the conqueror, the not yet set in stone glimmer that surprisingly sometimes pulls through as a destination that anyone would desire, and the chisels penmanship is much better greeted as a true old friend.  However by using force to struggle your way out of the capture you enable to double cross her and return to your own dodging road to freedom. Stroll down it the way you please where emotion can live through you like a fire. You chose the companions on your journey and be proud of your selection, if you find that odd one persistently in her hand let them figure the reality of obliged rope for themselves, then they might listen to free more than the flocks.     And do one more thing.... Make it good, because you know fate is not a threat, it is a conclusion. (But don't take it from me for the labyrinth is yours to explore.)

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