Jackie never fit in, when she was accepted to Hogwarts, she expected things to be different, but they got worse. As her family deserts her and she struggles with making a friend, will Jackie make it at her first year at Hogwarts?


5. The Drew I Actually Knew

The Drew I actually knew was a liar and a cheat. I woke up and I was excited to see him at breakfast. he had been so sweet and romantic to me yesterday, and I wanted to spend more time with him. 

However, at breakfast he hardly talked to me and on his other side was another girl. Then in Potions he sat next to that girl instead. I passed him a note, but he didn't pass one back. He whispered and laughed with the other girl.

At Herbology the tables were meant for 3 people. I sat with Drew and the other Slytherin girl Drew had been sitting with. I could see how Drew took her hand and guided it across the plants gently, like he had done with my hand last evening. After Herbology I did't have classes with him until lunch and History of Magic. At Lunch he talked with the other girl again. I was insanely jealous and hurt. I kept trying to win Drew back.

The other girl wasn't in History of Magic with us. I sat next to Drew but we didn't whisper or pass notes. The entire day Drew was focused on the other girl and not me. After dinner he walked away with her and he was walking very close to her.

I followed them to the library and spied on them through the shelves. He held her hand and played with her hair. He gave her homework answers and leaned in very close to each other. I could literally feel a pain in my chest from where my heart was shattering into millions of repairable pieces. Pieces that floated through the rest of my body and caused me so much pain.

It wasn't until he leaned his face very close to hers and nuzzled her nose with hers and their lips were dangerously close that I ran out of the library. I ran to my dorm and locked myself in the bathroom, where I tried to muffle my sobs. I knew Robin, Janie, and Krissy were talking about me, but I stayed inn the bathroom for a very long time.

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