The War of Four Worlds

"I race through the woods, dodging trees and leaping over boulders, careful not to slip on the thin layer of frost on the ground. I routinely glance over my shoulder, seeing the pack of wolves quickly gaining on me.
I come to a halt when I reach a drop-off. Very long way down, and the cliff is vertical, no way to slide anyways. I hear the panting and paws crunching snow, so I'll try something new."

Read it to figure out what this is about! Hint: it gets very science fictioney (that's not a word) and there's plenty of blood and stuff so be warned.

Also, watch the 'trailer' (it's just a song, actually, but if you like rock music you should listen to it).


4. Chapter 4

Today Jonah is wearing his battle suit. It's basically a suit with hidden pockets that hold pretty much every weapon imaginable. He has to go fight a different battle than me, but I know what he always wears.

Zane will be wearing his usual black padded vest under a leather jacket, wielding his lethal bow and a pair of daggers.

I'm wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

My army is already in the atmosphere of Ragnorect, waiting on me to lead them into battle. I pop my knuckles and fly to another world.


I land with a thud on the rocky surface of Ragnorect. The army of Earth methodically falls of of the sky, landing on their feet around me. There is a heavy dust storm in front of us, and I signal for the troops to halt.

I walk closer to the dust. It gets in my eyes and I blink it away, knowing no permanent damage can be done. The storm is oddly silent. Maybe it isn't a storm.

Maybe it's the quiet before one.

A few seconds later a throwing knife hurtles through the haze, embedding itself in my shoulder.

"Ouch." I yank it out and charge, meeting the horde of Ragians with the weapon they gave me, an army at my back.


A few hours later, we are winning, but not by much, and I still haven't seen Zane.

I beat down another warrior and look up for the next, and there is none. What? Where'd the army . . .

I turn around to see a net thrown over my head. It is, of course, barbed wire, and it hurts like Zane would want it to.

I struggle against the Ragians who were attempting to capture me, but more appeared with more barbed wire. Soon I was trapped, and they picked up their little cage and dragged me through the sand and rock, leaving the rest of their army to fight mine. I snap and my finger lights up, so I touch the wire and begin to burn through it.

This will take a minute. They can't notice . . .

I scream a string of curse words at them and yell, "You can't keep me in a cage! Let me go or I'll escape and kill you all!"

They laugh and keep dragging their cage. I am about to be finished . . . There! I extinguish the flame on my finger and push the circle of wire out. I tumble out and stand up, arm outstretched to pulverize them.

The first three die in an instant, and I turn to the others.

My head explodes with pain and my vision disappears.

"Zane!" I yell. There is an arrow in my head, and it hurts! I lunge forwards and discover I have leaped one of the soldiers' swords. I pull it out and turn around, to where the arrow came from, and throw it. When I hear a satisfying yelp of pain I fall to my knees and try to remove the arrow.

I yank on it and my vision comes back. I see Zane on the ground with a sword in his nice leather jacket, and a Ragian coming at me . . .

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