The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


21. Chapter21

-I swear to God I’ll pass out if this bitch stands me up. I’m telling you, come pick me up off the floor if he doesn’t come.-Tyler said nervously as he fixed his hair, staring at his own reflection in the mirror.-How does my hair look?
You were at his place and you were both getting ready for a night out. The week just flew by, even though you had a few tests, so there wasn’t much time for hanging out and relaxing, but it was Friday and you didn’t want to worry about studying anymore.
-Flawless, like usual. Calm down already, he won’t stand you up, he’s into you. Besides, I’ll be at the club, so if he doesn’t show up, just come party with me.-you rubbed his back and looked at his reflection in the mirror.-You look amazing. 
-Thanks!-he smiled.-And I ain’t coming to the club because you’ll be over there with Niall and I’ll just be pissed off if I have to be the third wheel. 
You rolled your eyes at him and he laughed, asking you what’s wrong. 
-You know we don’t kiss in front of other people and all that, did you ever see us kissing in college? 
-Nope, but the club ain’t the same thing as college, girl. You’re a skank, you’ll be all over him as soon as you got some alcohol in your blood, don’t even try to disagree, I’ve seen you and him when you’re out together.-he gave you a cheeky grin.-Ugh, why am I this nervous? I’m never nervous. 
-You’re nervous because you found someone you really like, but it’s all gonna be okay. Now calm down, let’s go get a few drinks so you stop being nervous and start being flawless.
-I’m flawless even when I’m nervous, just so you know. I’m always flawless, that’s how I roll.
Tyler was in a good mood for the rest of the night, at least the time he spent with you. You had a couple of drinks, made fun of some mutual friends of yours and then he wanted to go to the pub to meet your other friends. You went to the club with them, and Tyler went to his date. You were nervous about his date, as if it was yours. Funny that you were, since you and Niall never went on dates or anything like that, so you wouldn’t exactly know how it feels to be nervous for a date. All you did lately was talk in class and hang out for a while in the college park.
He was supposed to come to the club, as well, but you didn’t know how he’d act around you. He’d probably come with his friends from the football team, even though they had a game tomorrow, to which you and Tyler were supposed to go because he invited you on Monday.
You sat at the bar with Becky and a few other friends and you were bored with their talking. Becky was talking about some guy she hooked up with, but you knew she had a soft spot for Niall and you were afraid of getting jealous if she mentioned him. You downed the rest of your drink and checked your cellphone for messages, and there was one from Tyler.
He showed up, don’t call, don’t text, just let me enjoy this night  !!! Love ya
You chuckled as you read it and the rest of them looked at you.
-It’s Ty, he’s having a good time on his date.
They all erupted into fits of laughter and they started talking about Tyler. You just wanted to get drunk and dance and see Niall. After the alcohol started to hit in, you got in the mood for dancing, and the rest of them didn’t want to join you. They were gossiping or talking about guys, and you just weren’t in the mood for that. You couldn’t say anything about you and Niall because you weren’t together and if you told him you two were doing it, they’d ask too many questions and then Becky would say she did him too, and you’d throw up right there. Instead, you got up and tried to find someone to dance with. While you were pushing your way through the crowd, you ran into Connor.
-Hey, Connor.-you greeted him with a faint smile. 
It was pretty clear that both of you were uncomfortable with running into each other, but you both stopped walking and looked at each other. You didn’t know what else to say to him because you were mad at him for ditching Niall like that, but then again it was his choice, you didn’t know how Jake and Niall treated him. Maybe he was closer to Jake.
-Hey, Y/N.-he finally said.-How you doing? 
-Just fine, looking for someone to dance with, those bitches are boring.-you rolled your eyes, trying to pretend it’s all going well.-You? 
-Yeah, I’m, uh… Having a good time.-he nodded, but you weren’t really convinced.-So, uh, is Niall around? 
You were surprised he asked you about Niall. You knew the two of them didn’t talk since that night, and you thought Connor took Jake’s side. It was a good sign that he was asking about Niall, and for you it meant there’s a slight hope of them becoming friends again. Niall was good friends with Connor, even though he teased him a lot. That was just his way of dealing with people. Connor was a good guy, though, so he knew it was all in good spirit and he never minded. Jake, however, wasn’t that nice. He had a reason to be upset, but he didn’t have a reason to turn Connor against Niall. That was just mean. 
-He isn’t yet, but I think he’ll be soon, why?-you smiled. 
-I just wanted to see if he’s okay.-he looked at the floor and then back at you.-Is he? 
-He says he is.-you frowned.-But you know he doesn’t say everything he means. 
-Yeah, he’s like that, always keeping things to himself and thinking that’s the right way to deal with everything.-Connor nodded.-I hope he’s doing okay, then. 
Just as you were about to say something, Jake showed up and wrapped his arm around Connor’s shoulder while grinning at you. His presence alone upset you, but that grin was so lascivious and cocky that it made you want to punch him.
-Well, well, well, who do we have here?-he slurred.-Where’s your boyfriend? 
Your first thought was to say that Niall wasn’t your boyfriend, but you’d just embarrass him if you said that. You weren’t his girlfriend, but Jake didn’t have to know that.
-He’ll be here any minute now.-you smiled at him as if everything was okay. 
-Aw, that’s just too cute.-he mimicked your voice. 
-Listen, Jake, I think it’s time for you to stop being an asshole.-you snapped.-Niall was mad and he hit you, but you aren’t really innocent yourself, so just shut your mouth and get over it. You’re acting like children. 
-He has no right to hit me, especially not because of a girl.-he chuckled proudly.-Not a girl like you anyway.
-What’s that supposed to mean?-you hissed and Connor gave you a worried look. 
-You know exactly what that means.-he winked. 
-No, I don’t. If I remember correctly, all we did was kiss. Once.-you told him angrily.-So don’t go around pretending you got anything from me, okay? I hate guys like that. 
-Your boyfriend is one of those guy, too, so don’t get all proud.-he winked cockily, happy that he said something hurtful. 
-The difference between you two is that he actually fucked me, so he can go around saying whatever he wants, because it’s true. You, on the other hand, are just pathetic if you have to make up these stories.-you glared at him.-You have a problem with me, not with Niall, you guys are friends. 
-Listen, bitch.-Jake took a step forward and opened his mouth to shout at you, but Connor pulled him back by his shoulder. 
-It’s enough, you’re crossing the line. We don’t shout at our mates’ girlfriends.-Connor told him calmly as he stood between you two, trying to prevent you from fighting, his hand on Jake’s chest.
-What kind of a pussy are you?-Jake pushed him off.-He’s not our mate and don’t tell me what to do. 
-Just back off.-Connor’s voice was calm once again, and it only made Jake angrier. 
-Fine, go hang out with her, I don’t need you.-Jake yelled and stormed off and you and Connor exchanged glances. 
-I’m sorry.-you said. 
-You shouldn’t be. He’s got a bad temper sometimes.-Connor shrugged.-He’s drunk, he doesn’t mean any of that. He’s still upset about what happened, but it’s gonna be fine.
-Since you’re all alone, do you want to go have a drink with me?-you proposed and he said yes. 
You just wanted to talk about Niall with him and now was the chance. You walked over to the bar and ordered two drinks. Connor wasn’t a bad guy at all, and you couldn’t see why he hung out with the two of them. Niall was a complete jackass before, he just used people and made fun of others for no good reason, thinking that made him cool. Jake was that person now, and you didn’t understand why, but it wasn’t your problem. You chose Niall’s side and you had nothing to do with Jake anymore. 
-Jake didn’t mean that, what he said.-he told you to break the silence which occurred after you’ve both taken a few sips of your drinks.-He’s just mad because Niall hit him only once before this and it was when we were younger and he broke his nose. Jake told him something about his mom and Niall just lost it, he smacked him a few times and then threw him on the ground and nobody could blame him for doing that, Jake was asking for it. He got over that two weeks later, and they continued to hang out like nothing happened. I think it’s going to be the same this time. He’s just hurt that you chose Niall. 
-I’m sorry about that, but I’ve been into Niall for a long time now, we all know that.-you shrugged and looked at him.-There’s nothing I can do about it, it’s just the way it is. Me and Jake kissed just once, and we never went on a date or anything, he doesn’t even know me, I know he can’t be that into me.
-Yes, I know, and Niall’s obviously into you. Jake just has a hard time realizing that someone would actually go for Niall when they could have him, that’s what’s bothering him. It was always like that. I was the nerdy one, Niall was the tough one living on the edge and all that, and Jake was the popular one. Without Jake, nobody would like Niall because they would think he’s a violent rude prick, and without Niall, Jake would be just another pretty face, nothing special, but together, they make a good team.-he smiled to himself more than to you.-Jake’s a bit vain. He just thinks he’s better than his friends because he has everything he wants. 
-He’s an ass, that is.-you snarled. 
-Yup. But he is a good friend. That’s just the part of someone you have to accept. We’re all asses in our own way, but Jake’s a good guy, and so is Niall and they should just get over it.-he shrugged.-But they’re really proud, both of them. 
-I know, I told him to talk to you, but he didn’t want to talk about it. I can’t make him. 
-If you’re his girlfriend, you can make him do anything.-Connor grinned.-He’s never had a girlfriend. 
-I know.-you blushed.-It’s just, I’m not his girlfriend. We’re just like seeing each other exclusively. 
-Which is the only thing Niall would never agree to do. And he did, which means a lot. Trust me, I know him very well.-he downed the rest of his drink.-He doesn’t do those things for other people, I see him walking you home from college and talking to you in the college yard. You should be happy, no need to worry about other girls or anything like that. 
-You think?-you cocked your eyebrow.-I’m always worried, that’s who I am. I don’t know how to handle people, just like Niall. I’m good with friends, but when it comes to him, I’m weird, I’m so suspicious and dramatic, I don’t even know. 
He patted your shoulder as he laughed. 
-You’re both obviously into each other, so it’s gonna be fine. Just this one thing. When he’s rude towards you, it doesn’t mean anything bad. He never thinks about the things he says, he just says them, and he’s not trying to be rude by saying them, he just comes across as rude. Hell, when we first started hanging out, I hated him because I thought he hated me, he always made fun of me for having straight A’s, for not wanting to smoke a joint, for not making it to second base with a girl, and the list goes on. I always felt like he used me just to have someone to make fun of all the time. He doesn’t really think that his words can offend other people because he and his mom fight like that all the time, it’s a normal conversation in their family. But then, this one time we went out and got drunk, just the two of us and he told me I’m one of his two best friends and that he’d always be there for us and all that shit, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.-he made a surprised face, and stopped talking for a second.-I didn’t think he liked me at all. That’s just the way he deals with things, because of his family situation. 
You nodded slowly and thought about what he had just said. It was true, you knew Niall was like that, he never spoke about those things to anyone. He didn’t know how to handle the situation if it was about feelings, he expected people to know that he cares just like that, and nobody told him things don’t work that way. Just thinking about him made you smile. 
-Thanks, Connor, that’s really nice of you to say. You’re a really good friend, I think you two should just make up, the fight is stupid.-you frowned.-I know he misses you. 
-I know, I didn’t take Jake’s side, Niall concluded that because I helped Jake go home that night. They’re both my friends, I couldn’t leave Jake lying on the floor. Besides, Niall left with you, so there was no one to help Jake but me. And I texted him tomorrow, saying happy birthday and he didn’t even bother to reply. And I said hi in college, he shook it off and walked past me with the rest of the football team. I know his pride’s hurt, he’ll get over it.-Connor patted your back once again.-Thanks for the talk, I have to go see where Jake is now, he’s pretty drunk already. 
-No, thank you, it was really nice of you!-you hugged him.-See you around! 
You watched Connor disappear in the crowd and then you turned around towards the bar, ordering another drink, a shot this time. You paid for it and downed it, and just as the alcohol burned your throat, you felt someone’s hands wrap around your body, pressing you against theirs. 
-You’re gonna get punished for that.
The thick Irish accent could belong to only one person and you smiled when you heard it, even though it really sounded menacing. You knew Niall wouldn’t do anything bad, at least not to you. 
-Well, hello to you, too.-you replied and tried to turn around, but he was still keeping you close to him from behind, his mouth close to your ear. 
-You don’t talk to other guys when I’m not around, especially not little fuckers like Jake and Connor, okay?-he spoke bitterly and you nodded.-Good. 
He kissed your neck and left a wet trail and the cold air hit that spot as he backed away, which sent shivers down your spine. 
-I’ve been waiting for this all day.-he grunted and pressed himself harder against you, making you feel how hard he was for you.-You’re finally here. 
-Me too.-you mumbled and leaned your back against him, kicking your head back as Niall kissed your neck once more. 
You ran your hand across his thigh and grabbed it as he nibbled on your ear slowly. 
-Let’s go.-you suggested and he giggled as he spun you around and placed his hands at the bottom of your back. 
-You look nice.-he said as he pulled you in for a kiss, his tongue entering your mouth for a second.-Now, shall we? 
You nodded and grabbed his hand and he led the way out of the club. You were gripping his hand, not wanting to lose him in the crowd, the place was full. You just hoped you wouldn’t run into Jake because he was drunk and it could probably get weird. If Niall got angry, anything could happen, and you didn’t want that to happen, not tonight, not ever. You and Niall were doing good, and Jake had to back off, they both had to calm down. 
As soon as you stepped out and breathed in some fresh air, you were feeling a lot better. It was chilly, and there was no one around you. Niall still didn’t let go of your hand. 
-Where to?-he turned around to ask you and you shrugged. 
-Wherever you want.-you replied. 
-Is everything okay?-he asked with a serious expression on his face and you nodded. 
-It’s just… We need to talk.-you hesitated. 
-What did I do?-he frowned unwillingly. 
-No, not about us.-you shook your head.-Let’s just go sit somewhere. 
-I took my mom’s car, it’s parked near.-he said sternly and started walking towards the car. 
You walked behind him in silence and stared as his back as he moved quickly without turning around. You were pretty sure Niall was scared of hearing what you had to say, but you wanted to talk this through. You didn’t want him to lose his friends because of you because you’d blame yourself for it. You both got in his car and you looked at him as he sighed and asked what’s wrong once more.
-I talked to Connor. Funny thing, he tells me you’re the one who ditched him, not the other way around.-your tone was questioning and he didn’t like it at all.
Niall scrunched his face in anger while gripping the wheel. His knuckles went white as he gripped on it tightly, which was a sign of his anger which he couldn’t take out on you, so he held it in, as always. You didn’t want to drop it, though.
-I thought we weren’t gonna discuss this anymore.-he sounded angry. 
-Niall…-you put your hand on his thigh.-This is the time for talking. Serious talking. You know how you told me you don’t know when I’ll get upset because you don’t understand how some things can be offensive to me? Or that you won’t know what to say and when to say it? Well, this is one of those times. Humor me and talk to me about this and we never have to mention it again. 
-There’s nothing to talk about, okay? There’s no way Jake and I will ever be friends.-he hissed. 
-Why? Just tell me why.-you squeezed his thigh, hoping he’d relent a little.-I don’t care about that night anymore, nothing happened to me and I’m not mad at all, and if that’s why you’re mad, you should stop. Connor really cares about you and he wants to be your friend, that’s not something you should throw away that easily. 
-Y/N, you don’t know half the things that have happened, so you can’t talk about that, okay?-he shot you an evil glare and it made you feel like a complete tool. 
-That’s why you’re here, to inform me. I thought we shared things, I’ve told you some private things, I should be able to expect the same from you.-you glared back, a bit of your bitterness showing in your voice as you spat the words out. 
-I talked to Jake on Sunday morning, okay? Before I called you over, I called him to see what the fuck is going on. I was planning on having a barbecue, like I’ve told you and I wanted to invite all of you.-he looked pissed as he spoke, and he avoided looking at you.-And you know what he said? We’re okay as long as you don’t see her again, I’ll forget last night happened if you forget about her. And I couldn’t do that because I’ve told you I wouldn’t screw you over and I can’t be friends with him after that. Even if you and me didn’t have this thing going on, I wouldn’t hang out with him because he’s scum, he can’t ask that of me. You can’t ask people to give up on things because of you, that’s blackmail, who does that?
You looked at him without knowing what to say. Jake asked him to give up on you and he chose you over him, and instead of being happy about it, you pushed him into making up with Jake. Sometimes you really pissed yourself off because you were trying to fix things for other people, things they didn’t want to get fixed. That was actually a cute gesture of Niall, and you leaned in and pecked his cheek, and his face lightened up a bit.
-Thank you, then.-you said quietly.-Connor said Jake’s upset because I chose you, but that will pass as soon as he fucks someone else. We didn’t have anything, we never even talked like you and I do, so it’s nothing serious, I’m sure. His pride is just hurt. But if it’s like you say it is, I won’t mention it ever again. But Connor really wants to be friends with you, he’s a nice guy. 
-Yeah, I know, he’s a good guy.-Niall nodded, choosing to completely ignore the thing you said about Jake. 
-Will you talk to him?-you asked in a pleading voice and battered your eyelashes at him, making him chuckle.-Pretty please! 
-Alright, I will.-he shook his head and breathed out through his nose.-I hate you sometimes. 
You laughed loudly and looked at him. 
-Me too, sometimes I just want to bash your head in, but I think I’d miss you. The sex is good.-you teased and he pulled you onto his lap. 
-Now you’re gonna get yours for this.-he spanked your butt once, but he didn’t apply much force. 
-Can you do me in the car? I’ve never done it.-you grinned. 
-Oh, another first?-he arched an eyebrow.-Sure, hop on, baby. 
-How romantic of you.-you huffed, even though your hand was already palming him over his jeans. 
-You know me!-he laughed.-Let me do that, you’re clumsy. 
You watched as his fingers played with his belt and his zipper, and he took his cock in his hand and got it out of his pants. He was already hard, but he still rubbed himself a few times as you straddled him, hovering above him. 
-I’m not that wet yet.-you whispered and he nodded, understanding what you meant. 
His hand squeezed your bum as the other one crawled slowly over from your inner thigh to your throbbing center. Your clit turned hard when he pressed his finger against it and when he started circling it around your clit, you let out a moan. he used just the right amount of pressure and it felt as though you were already close, even though he just started touching you.
-Does it feel good?-his voice was soft and calm, his eyes fixated on your face, taking your facial expressions in. 
-Yes, baby, yes.-you looked down and nodded as he grinned. 
-And this?-he asked as he teased you with his fingertip, while the thumb still made small circles around your clit. You could feel how wet his finger got after circling around your entrance.
-Even better, Niall.-you spoke slowly. 
-Then you’re gonna love this.-he smiled and shoved two fingers inside of you and curled them up. His thumb made figure eights around your clit while his fingers rubbed your g-spot and you held onto his broad shoulders for support and kicked your head back. 
-Stop, stop.-you shook your head and he immediately pulled his fingers out, thinking there’s something wrong, but you just had a better idea.-Let me sit on it. 
He looked terrified at first, but then he heard the last part, he smiled happily and leaned back in his seat, enjoying the view. 
You moved a bit closer and positioned the tip at your entrance and you slowly, but completely sat on his hard cock. Each time you had sex, you were fascinated with how good it made you feel and just how he fit you. Every time you had sex, it was amazing and you couldn’t get enough of him and you weren’t sure how it was still the same. You always had the same feeling when you were with him, and contrary to your beliefs, it only got better with time because you were getting more and more involved.
-If someone sees us, I’m gonna crawl into a hole and die.-you giggled, but you still moved your hips slowly, trying to find the right angle to make you both come sooner.
-I’m totally gonna wave at them.-he shrugged and licked his lips as he looked down at your bodies connecting.-Let everyone know who’s doing you. 
-Jerk.-you rolled your eyes and grabbed onto his shoulders for support. 
When you did that, you could start moving up and down his hard cock faster, and that’s exactly what you did. The fear of getting caught was just a turn on for the both of you. Niall seemed amazed by the sight of you jumping up and down his cock and you just stared at his face. His lips were parted and his eyes were spread wide as he took it all in, and it turned you even more to see him enjoying it. 
-Oh, Niall, shit, this is so good.-you dug your nails into his shoulder as you felt that familiar feeling inside of you. 
-Yeah, just bounce, like that.-he licked his lips and grunted. 
You pulled his face in and gave him a kiss and he wrapped his big hands of arms around you and kissed you back as you slowly moved up and down. You started to move your hips in circles and you felt his tip moving inside of you, touching a different part of your insides each time and you let out a small whimper, sounding almost as if you were in pain, but it was just intense pleasure of having Niall inside of you and next to you and his arms around you, holding you tight. When you started moving faster, you earned a few muttering sounds from him and his breathing visibly increased. He slowly lowered his hands down to your hips and pulled you a bit up. 
-Now it’s gonna feel amazing.-he smiled cheekily and started thrusting. 
You kicked your head back and let out small sharp breaths as he thrust faster and faster, you felt him rub against your walls, touching all of the tingling nerves inside of you, satisfying you in every way. He filled you up completely, and it was so good each time, and you didn’t know how it was possible that sex wasn’t even that pleasurable before him. Maybe it was because you’ve been doing it for some time already and you were used to each other, or maybe because you trusted him by now and you’d let him do just about anything. 
You didn’t want Niall to do all the work, so you’ve started to meet his thrusts each time and you lowered your hand down to your clit and started rubbing it. Your clit was sensitive, but you knew you were close, so you just kept on touching it and kept on thrusting harder and harder. 
-You’re so tight.-he groaned and kicked his head back. 
-Niall, oh God, Niall, uh uh uh!-you screamed out and leaned your forehead against his. 
His forehead was damp, but his hair was still up in a quiff and you had to resist the urge to run your hands through it. Your breaths were short and sharp and you clenched your walls around his cock on purpose, but that didn’t slow down Niall’s thrusts. His fingers were digging into the flesh of your hips as they started to shake and you let out a long moan and came. You wrapped your arms around Niall’s neck and just held onto him as you rode out your orgasm, and his hips didn’t stop moving. 
-Shit, shit.-he grunted and thrust hard one last time and then pulled you in, his cock still inside of you. 
-Oh my God.-you sighed loudly and kissed his sweaty pink cheek.-Car sex is good.
-Sex is good, full stop.-he chuckled.-It was great!
-I don’t wanna move away, like ever.-you shook your head and rested it on Niall’s shoulder and he tickled your ribs. 
-Get off, we’re gonna grab something to eat now.-he kissed your head.-Come on. 
You slowly moved to the passenger seat and smiled at him. He was a bit sweaty, but his hair was still in place as he smiled. 
-So, you’re gonna talk to Connor?-you cocked an eyebrow at him and pulled down your dress. 
He zipped up his pants and sighed. You knew it was going to ruin the mood again, but it had to be done. You didn’t want to feel guilty about this forever and you did now. Every time you two were together, you felt bad about it. Niall lost his friends because you were trying to get over him by going out with his friend. It was your fault.
-I’ll think about it.-he said coldly. 
-For fuck’s sake.-you shook your head and crossed your arms across your chest angrily because he had promised to do it. 
-Why do you even care if I hang out with them?-his voice was gruff. 
He turned on the engine and drove away from the parking lot, probably to the nearest fast food place. The tension could be felt from miles away, the mood was completely ruined, so you tried to make it better somehow. Even though things were going goo lately, you still didn’t know where you stood with Niall. It was always like that, and you thought it would never change, so you didn’t want to risk anything. 
-I care because I don’t want you to fight with them. Connor cares about you, he told me. You can’t just throw away your friendship with him because of Jake.-you frowned involuntarily.-He didn’t do anything to you, he just has to be there for the both of you. And Jake will get over it and you’ll all be friends again, sooner or later. It’s just stupid. 
-I’m not gonna hang out with Jake ever again.-he muttered with anger in his voice.-Connor’s cool, but Jake and me, we’re through. 
-Why? Just give me a good reason, I’m really uncomfortable every time I see him and I know you are, too, so I think it would be amazing if you two could just say hi to each other. Why not? 
You couldn’t understand why he was so stubborn about it. They were all friends for a long time, they knew each other a lot better than you and Niall did, and they were always there for him. His mother wasn’t, so they were the only people he really had in his life. You didn’t want to be that bitch who made best friends fight and split. Connor will probably start hating you for this, and Jake as well, so would Niall with time, and you didn’t want any of that. 
-Because he’d be around all the time. Around you. Because you’re around me. So no. I don’t want him around you anymore because now I know he’s into you.-he kicked the steering wheel with his palm and kept his eyes on the road.-He’d just be all cocky and shit and I wouldn’t take that. I wouldn’t. He’d try something, I know it, and I know you wouldn’t tell me because you wouldn’t want me to fight with him again, so he’d do it all the time, and he’d know you’re not telling me and he’d enjoy it. I just don’t want him around. 
-That’s why? Really? Who the fuck cares if he tries anything? Seriously! I’d tell him no, so it doesn’t even matter if he tried. And if I told him to fuck off, he wouldn’t try it again, trust me. I just don’t want you to lose your friends over me, it’s stupid.-you sighed, hoping he’d understand. 
-It’s because of him, he can’t just come and take stuff from me, it’s not okay. I can’t get over that. 
-Yeah, I meant you, okay, not stuff, you.-he sighed, irritated by what you said.-Don’t be annoying. 
-Sorry for trying to help.-you leaned back and made a tsk sound. 
-I don’t need you to help me, okay? You’re not here to help. You’re acting like you’re my mom, stop it, I don’t want that shit from anyone. I can decide what I want to do with my life and it’s my decision. I don’t tell you who to hang out with and what to do with your life.-he sounded really rude. 
-Says the guy who told me not to hang out with Tyler before you knew he was gay.-you spat back at him. 
-That’s different, you’re not gonna be all over guys while I’m there. Or even worse, when I’m not there.-he shook his head and frowned. 
-It’s my life and it’s my decision, didn’t you just say that? I think I can be all over whoever the fuck I want because you don’t get a say in it, alright?-you yelled, and then realized you’ve crossed the line.-I didn’t mean that, okay? I just meant that you can’t tell me what to do and I can’t tell you what to do, but I just want the best for you, that’s why I told you that. It’s stupid to be angry at Jake for liking me because he doesn’t even like me. We never talked for longer than ten minutes anyway, he just wanted me because you were the one who had me first, that’s his thing apparently, no one gives a shit about him. He’ll find someone else when he realizes he’s not the center of everyone’s attention. 
Niall turned his head to look at you and then returned his gaze to the road. 
-Thank you, but I know him better than that. I don’t want to talk about him anymore, it’s just ruining my night.-he sounded angry.-And it was going great so far. 
-You’re right.-you sighed and squeezed his thigh.-Where are we going to eat? 
-Yeah, great. So the game’s tomorrow, right? 
You knew that it was for the best to change the subject and talk about something that would get him in good mood. And the only thing that he was into at the moment was football. 
-Yeah, it’s tomorrow, we’re gonna mop the floor with them, you’ll see!-he laughed.-Are you coming? 
-I think so, if you want me to.-you shrugged and he nodded right away. 
-I’d like you to be there.-he winked. 
-Then I will. I’m bringing Tyler, just so you know.-you chuckled.-He won’t touch me, don’t worry. 
-As long as he doesn’t touch me, it’s fine.-he chuckled and you poked your tongue at him.-I wish Ryan could come, but mom doesn’t wanna let him go with me. 
You didn’t know what to say to that. She was a bitch, and you meant it, but you couldn’t say that to Niall. No matter how awful she was, she was his mom and he must have loved her, so you couldn’t just insult her, even though you felt like it.
There’ll be more times for that, don’t worry.-you tried to sound convinced in your own words, but you weren’t.
You were still a bit hurt by what he had said. Did he really mean all of that? He told you you’re not there to help. Of course, you were there for sex apparently, and that hurt because you didn’t see him as just a sex buddy, he was more and you wanted to help him, but he had that attitude and you started doubting he’d ever get rid of it.

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