The Perfect Christmas

A poem about what Christmas brings for us, young or old


1. The Perfect Christmas

Fast asleep in a warm bed

Hair strewn across the pillow

Arms tucked around a teddy bear

Looking old but loved

Innocence mapped across her face.


The door gently opens

And round the corner peers a tiny green boy

Who beckons behind him, whispering

"All clear Mr Santa"

Before slipping away.


In comes Santa all rosy and red

To slip a bulging stocking on the bed

And a pile of presents arranged on the floor

Waiting for morning

When they'll be discovered.


Away he goes

As quiet as a mouse

Despite his size and heavy load

To return to his sleigh

And his reindeers who drive him away.


All shimmering and sparkling

The presents wait

And when the child awakes

They catch her eye

Making her squeal with delight.


Beautiful toys and brand new books

Emerge from the coloured paper

She caresses each gift gently

Thanking everyone within sight

And declaring it to be the perfect Christmas.

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