Moons of Shadows

This story is about Lusetta Skylar a Elite demon assassin who possesses wizard powers of all kind. The evil man named Deloria has awaken the most dangerous, destructive demon monster named Detora. This monster was hibernating for millions of years under the Temple of Aztec. Deloria plans to use this demon to do his dirty work to rule over the world. What will Lusetta Skylar do? Is she strong enough to beat this destructive demon and to stop Deloria from ruling the earth? Read the book to find out more
(Another story of Davion Daitron and Lusetta Skylar)


5. Misunderstanding and The Evil Side

Chapter 5: Misunderstanding and The Evil Side



~Davion's POV(8 o'clock A.M)~


I woke up as usual. I took a shower for fifteen minutes. I got out and changed into long sleeve shirt that was burgundy red and some pants that were black. I was really hungry. I walked down the hallway walking past the second living room. I stopped because something caught my attention. I went into the living room surprised because I saw Lusetta asleep on the couch. I noticed her bra was showing so I turned away. I remember what happen yesterday when I walked passed the living room where Nate, Scarlet ,Ethan and Lusetta were. I also remembered what Scarlet said that her and Ethan looked like a couple.

"What is she doing here?" I whispered trying to forget what I remembered. She looked very cute asleep. I turned around to go to the kitchen when suddenly Lusetta yells out..

"Don't touch her!" As she got up quickly.

"What....." I said looking at her.


~Main POV~


I noticed Davion was staring at me.

"What....." said Davion

"Uh.....what are you doing here?" I asked

"I noticed you were asleep so I came here to check on your beautiful face while you were sleeping." Davion said smiling at me. I flustered in red. I felt my face get hot. Suddenly Davion was pointing at me.

"What...?" I asked

"Your shirt is down on one of the sides and I can see your bra.." He replied. My face got even more red. I quickly pulled up my shirt. I remembered my sister was here.

"W-what do you want for breakfast?" I asked him as I got up.

"Pancakes." He said patting my head.

"ok..." I replied shyly. We went into the kitchen. I got the ingredients out. Davion sat at the table watching me. It was embarrassing! This is soo embarrassing even after he said that! At this time everyone should be awake. After making the pancakes with bacon I set them on each plate that was on the table. Davion poured choclate milk into the cups. I left to check on my sister. I walked to where my room was. I opened my sister's door.

"Rosie breakfast is ready." I said standing at her door. She finished changing.

"Ok." She said smiling. Then she stared at me like she wanted to say something. I looked at her.

"What?" I asked. Suddenly I felt arms go around my waist as the person hugged me from behind. I turned to look who it was.

"Davion!?!" I said blushing hardcore.

"I wanted to know what were you doing in the living room asleep." he asked not letting me go.

"Fine...My sister called me at 5:30 A.M so I would go pick her up at the airport. After we came home I showed her to her room. We came back at 6:25 A.M. I went to the living room to watch a video but since it was boring it got me sleepy and I fell asleep." I explained everything to him.

"Uh...sis.." said Rosie.


"Is he your boyfriend?" she asked. My face got red as a tomato. Davion was enjoying this he didn't let go.

"N-n-no! Davion let go!" I was squirming to break free.


~Rosie's POV~


Even though Davion and my sister aren't dating it looked like they were. I saw my sister struggling to break free I laughed. Davion, Ethan and Lusetta are childhood friends counting me in it but them two always loved being with her. I laughed. Then Davion winked at me. I knew what he meant. He loves my sister. Ever since I was small Davion, sis and Ethan were always together. I saw Davion pick up Lusetta. I'm jealous and envious of her because I love Davion...which got me uneasy.

"Hey! Put me down!" My sis declared to him.

"Nope. Rosie it was nice seeing you again." he said

"Same here.." I replied

"Ugh! Sis meet you at the diner table. Davion let go.." She said as they left.


~Main POV~


After 20 minutes of walking and him carrying me through the hallways to the kitchen he finally set me down.

"Finally!" I pouted

"Pfft!" he started lauging.

"OH...MY....GOSH! My food!!" I said running to the kitchen. Davion joined me later. Everyone started to come in. I was in the corner of the kitchen depressed.

"Hey sis." said James. I didn't respond.

"Morning!" said Ethan excited.

"Good morning!" Yui said happy.

'Good morning!" said Jasmine

"Morning..."" said Sebastian sitting down.

"Morning." said Scarlet sitting down.

"Morning..." said Matthew sitting down.

"Good morning!" said Mei sitting down.

"Good morning!..." said Susan.

"Good morning... said Melissa.

"Sup peeps!" said Nate

"Sup guys.." said Ramon.

"Hey.." said Kathy. Everyone sat down to eat.

"Hey lil sis nice seeing you again." said James

"I'm good big bro." said Rosie

"Oh hey Rosie.." said Ethan

"Hey Ethan."

"Hey Lusetta why are you depressed in the corner?" asked Mei. I didn't respond.

"Because I stole her first kiss.."said Davion.

"WHAT!" yelled Ethan getting mad.

"Oooh dam Davion." said Ramon. I got up blushing.

"Stop lying.." I said about to cry because I was mad.

"Pfft! Cute." said Davion

"Then why depressed?" asked Kathy.

"Davion ate my food.. I made my special food that I loved and he ate it.." I responded. Everyone started laughing.

"Haha then eat mine." He said.

"No I don't have an appetite anymore." I said pouting.

"Shall I feed you my food?" He asked.

"NO!" I said running outside in the cold snow. I sat under the tree.

"Ugh.. I don't get guys at all.." I whispered. I am really hungry and cold.

"You shouldn't carelessly run out without any warmth." said a voice.

"Oh hey Ethan.."

"I brought you some food and brought you your sweater." said Ethan giving them to me.

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