The Hogwarts Years- Second Year

This is Catarneigh and Lucy's second year at Hogwarts.
When Alfred Posh is released from Azkaban, his only goal is to kidnap Hogwarts students.
And when Catarneigh's sister Heather goes missing it's up to Cat to save her- with the help of a new little friend





I hope we can be friends again.

 I had no idea what Tilly was hoping to prove with that information.


'I know there's unicorns in here, Cat, but I still don't think it's a good idea.' said Lucy, as we walked towards the Dark Forest. 'We could get into trouble, or worse, that Alfred Posh could be in there.'

'Don't worry,' I reassured. 'Like I said to Emily, there's no place safer than Hogwarts. Besides, how can Alfred Posh get in?'

 Once we had reached the edge of the forest, we stopped. The forest was just a forest of trees, stretching out as far as the eye could see. Mostly tree roots and a few puddles covered the ground but if you looked hard enough, you could see black flowes growing and starting to grow. Despite the creepiness of the place, this made me want to explore it more. Lucy, on the other hand, didn't look that enthusiastic.

'I'm really not sure about this, Cat,'

'Come on!' I said, starting to move into the forest. 'What could possibly happen?'

'We could die! ...or get caught,'

'Well, standing out there all day will definitely get you caught, Louisa.' I carried on walking.

 And going in here will likely get both of you killed, Catarneigh.

'Bloody hell, Catarneigh!' Lucy, against her better judgement, followed me into the forest.

 It got darker and darker as we walked furthur into the forest. Every sound made in there made Lucy a nervous wreck even more. Me, on the other hand, was as calm as daylight.

'Can't we go back now?' asked Lucy.

 The poor kid's terrified.

'We can't turn back now, we've already came this far,'

 Lucy looked up at the sky. She could just about see the moon. Her stomach grumbled. It must be dinner time by bow. Suddenly, we entered a clearing. It was a big clearing that was lightened by the shine of the moon. I looked into the space between two trees, there was a giant spider's web in the middle of it. I felt Lucy shiver. 'We must be in a spider's nest.' she said, looking around to see if there were any spiders about. I looked at the web.

'Nah, not spiders.' I said, certain that this was not a spider's nest.

 Something bigger.

'Tarantula?' asked Lucy.

'I'm thinking bigger. Try...Acromantula.'

'An Acrom-what?' asked Lucy, sounding shocked.

'Acromantula. A tarantula only about twenty times bigger.' I said, casually.

'Oh, what are you? A expert on spiders now?' asked Lucy. I noted the sarcasm.

'No. I can just tell by the size of the web,'

'They're not gonna come out an' eat us, are they?'

'They're long gone now.'

 Suddenly, I heard a rustle in the bushes. Lucy must have heard it to.

'What was that?' asked Lucy, now becoming scared.


'Cat, there's something in there,' said Lucy, her voice barely a whisper.

 We heard the rusting again. I grabbed Lucy's hand. My brain told me to run but my legs wouldn't move. It seemed to be the same for Lucy. There was no dound for a while until a voice came out behind us said-

'Little girls shouldn't be wandering so deep in a forest alone. You don't know what could be hiding in the brushes,'

 I turned around, taking Lucy with me. My hand gripped Lucy's hand tighter that I saw her wince in pain...

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