Fatal atracrions Zayn mailk

" what are you doing here, I thought I told you to stay away" he snapped pulling me inside of his house looking around before shutting the door quickly, locking it. I sighed looking at him his perfect features showing off " I need answers" I sighed he scoffed walking closer to me his lips inches apart from my ear " the only thing you need is to leave" he laughed anger boiled up in side me before I knew it my hand flew across his face leaving a red mark in the shape of my petite hand " you think your cute? you think you can do that?" he hissed walking closer to me pinning my hands down by my side. My eyes flickered to his lips before crashing mine down on his " You shouldn't be here. " "HAVEN GET DOWN'' before I knew it a loud bang went off leaving me in the dark. Maybe he wasn't lying when he said ........ this would be Fatal.

If you think this is another everyday love story your wrong my friend. Haven is everyday kind of girl Zayn well he's ......bad news. " This type of love isn't


13. 13 ( part one)

It was like this hole in my heart couldn't be filled the words that left Louis mouth left me in a state I wasn't even sure if I could explain it anymore. He's my best friend why can't he be happy for me? I'm happy. I may not be in the best of relationship but I'm happy! Was that to much for him to fucking understand!? Did he hate Zayn that much that he would go out of his limits to destroy the one good thing I had? For fucks sake I don't even dance any more. Everything I've worked so hard to build up he's trying to brake down on me. My brain was over occupied my thoughts what if Zayn gets me killed? Is Louis right? Why is he doing this? Why would he want to hurt me so bad? I couldn't sleep at night, sure Zayn and I were basically okay. I have to say I missed his touch I missed the way his skin felt against mine. We haven't declared we were 'dating ' yet. My mind kept floating back to Louis and why he would want to do such a thing. It was like he snapped the loving, caring, funny, easy going Louis had died and gave birth to this- this monster of a person. Maybe I'm being over dramatic about the whole thing his words kept playing over and over and over agin in my head like my mind had them on repeat and I couldn't find the off button. I've tired to text Louis and ask if we could talk about this but he always said he was 'busy' and didn't have time to talk about. But I don't care, and I won't care what he thinks. I can't avoid him for ever and I can't let Zayb avoid me forever. I will not let Louis mess this up for me even if it was the ending of out friendship. Was it really worth it? Was he really worth any of this? I was interrupted by my phone ringing I didn't even check the caller ID

" hello?" My voice sounded dry and boring

" Haven? It's Harry. Were- well I'm having a small get together at Zayn's place tonight I want to know if you want to come? Since you and Zayn seem to be close I don't think he was going to ask you something about Louis? I don't know the whole story but I want to come. Never mind that I need you to come " Harry's voice jumped with excitement

" uh yeah, I'll come by. "

" good! Wear something nice "

" how nice like dress?" I questioned

" I don't know, how girls dress. Just dress nice "


Oh okay? My stomach flopped like something off almost Harry was lying to me just to get me to Zayn's place. I rolled my eyes at the thoughts and jumped out if bed heading for the shower. Once I finished my shower I slipped on a black Cotten dress that hugged my curves in all the right places and for some color I slipped on some silver sparkly shoes. am I too dressed up?! Why was this so hard?


I shoved my phone in my pocket as I reached Zayns door I didn't bother knocking since Harry said it was a party I stepped in the kitchen table was set up for two it almost looked like a dinner.

" glad you could make it" Harry said coming out of no where

" what is this"

" HARRY! When's this party your dragging me to?" Zayn called walking down the stairs he stopped dead in his tracks eyeing me up and down

" uh hey" I said awkwardly

" I'll let you to be" he laughed walking out the front door

" you look nice. Wow, you look stunning " I smiled at Zayns slight stutter in his words.

" I'm sorry about Louis the other day" he finally said

" honestly he deserved it " I rolled my eyes. Mental note. Kill Harry for this.

" Haven can we talk? About the kiss. The first kiss? " Zayn said taking a seat on the couch I nodded repeating his actions

" Haven I like you, but look I already told you James wants me and anyone I'm around dead. I don't want you getting hurt Louis was right the other day I could get you ki-"

" I don't care what Louis said. You can't live in fear forever Zayn. Can we just try this?"

" Haven"

" Zayn. Please you don't know nothing could happen!" I protested

" HAVEN YOU WERE SHOT! In the shoulder " he snapped back

" so?! I'm alive am I right? I'm still here. And I won't leave you because of your past Zayn. You can't kept running from it " before I could finish my sentence Zayn's lips were pressed to mine giving me that feeling I missed so much.

The truth was I was scared I was scared that no matter how fast we ran together his past will catch up and it's not going to be pretty.


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