Just One Week-A Five Nights at Freddy's Fanfiction

Riley is getting ready for his new job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. All he wants to do is get collage credits so he can get a good job. He thinks it will be normal, but little does he know. He works the night shift, and he may not survive.


1. Kicked Out

My mom has never liked the fact I need to "mooch" off of her. She says I need to move out of the house, but there is one big problem in my way. No body wants me to work with them. They say I am gross,and weird, and loud,and....... Well I could go on,but that would take forever. Point is, I can't figure out why people wouldn't want me to work with them. I'm a nice guy if you get to know me. But my mom doesn't take excuses, and she wants me to "start my life". So, I left the house on my beach cruiser. I got it for sale at a garage sale for a low price. I went to the local news stand, and grabbed a newspaper. I looked across the paper for new jobs, but they were all the same. Except for a new one, which caught my eye." Vintage pizzeria given new life, help wanted. Work the night shift". Well, a pizza place in need of a security guard. Maybe if I work there, I could get free pizza. I will never have to pay for food again! My life will be on track, and I will make my mom proud. So I got on my cruiser, and rode over. My wheels scratched the black top as I rode in. A big sign hung over the building, saying "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza", along with a cardboard cut-out of the bear himself. Cars filled the parking lot, telling me that it was a busy day. Looks like they could use my help. I chained my bike up, and walked inside. Kids were running around all over the place, smiles and frosting on most faces. But for the kids not running around, they were sitting at a set of tables. A little boy sat at the head of the table, a purple paper crown on his head. Curtains lined the stage, a clock counting down from twenty. The kids screamed the numbers, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. The clock went on one, and the curtains flew open. On the stage stood three animatronic's, a chicken, a bunny, and a bear. Each had a instrument, with the bear as the main singer. I looked away from the animals, and walked to the "employee's only" door, and opened it. Inside was a skinny man with sleepless eyes, and looked like he was about to die from a heart attack. He looked at me while he sat in a plastic chair, and said"  Hello, do come in". I replied,"i'm here for the job application". The man chuckled,"Why didn't you say so". He grabbed a paper from a desk and threw it at me, along with a black pen."I am glad your here, our most recent nightwatchmen had to quit". "Wait, are you the boss of this place". The man sighed, "I was, but i'm giving the place up to a new owner". I  looked at the paper, and everything was normal. Name,adress,birthday, but then I got to the bottom."What does the paper mean by, not suitable for death". " They just have to put that". "Okay then, when do I start". The man got out of the chair, and said "Now". I looked at the closet that stood in the back of the room. Inside was a uniform, complete with a hat with bear ears on it, and a blue and white striped shirt. The clock ringed, telling the kids it was eight o' clock. Meaning that the pizzaria was closed until tomorrow. While employee's cleaned out the mess that the children made, a man walked through the door. He was in much better shape then the man I had just seen. He walked over to me, and smiled. "So, I presume you are the NEW security gaurd, correct". I nodded my head, "yes I am, I suppose". "Well then, we need you to work". The man grabbed the uniform and gave it to me. "Put that on, we need you to work asap". The man told me all my requirments, work from twelve to six every day. And don't leave, no matter what. So I put on the uniform in the bathroom, and walked out. The man smiled," I just realized something, you haven't told me your name. What is it, mine is Mr.Lowe". I replied with" Riley Canaberry". Mr.Lowe laughed, " okay then Riley, you ready to start your first shift". I nodded,"as ready as I'll ever be". So Mr.Lowe walked me to a small room, and handed me a tablet of some sorts."Good luck kid, (whispers-your gonna need it)". "What did you say"." Nothing nothing, just get ready". I sat in a chair, and watched as the clock struck twelve. My new job has begun.

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