A Family Meal

Thanksgiving with your family....
'nuff said


1. A Family Meal





Little Johnny got his hand

Stuck in the turkey

And Amy lost her shoe;

Dad can’t find

The cranberry sauce

Oh, what are we gonna do?!


Someone’s spilled the peas,

And Sissy’s

Having a fit;

The Pumpkin pie

Is starting to burn;

How much worse can it get?


And to that question

Fate gives me

An answer:

Uncle Bob

Is drunk, and

He’s pretending that he’s Prancer.


I am so proud of

Mom and Grandma

For pushing right-on through it,

But there is one thing

That I will say:

I’m glad I don’t have to do it


When we finally sit down

To eat

Under the “Thanksgiving” label,

“What happened to the stuffing?"

Oh no, the dog,

He has it under the table!


After every one’s done eating,

After that short

10 minutes,

Mom looks to her right

And sees Little Johnny

Climbing up the tower of dishes


With a big “crash”

The plates fall,

Now broken on the floor,

Grandma runs over

To Little Johnny and

Scolds him out the front door


The men on the sofa,

Watching football

No doubt,

Give a displeasing roar

When the ref

Kicks the star linebacker out


But, when all is

Said and done,

The kitchen’s still a mess,

Little Johnny’s still

Locked outside;

This Thanksgiving was the best!


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