Deathly Life

“It is all your fault Izra.” A voice whispered in my ear.
Shut up I thought. The voices was back. They haven’t been around since I was a little girl.
“Did you forget about me?” It asked me with its voice. It reminded me of a dozen snakes and the noise that they make. It sounded like that mixed with the devil’s voice. It was a terrifying sound that still haunts my dreams.
What are you doing here?

“Marie are you okay?” I heard someone yell as the police just run down the stairs. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Memories of my past was coming up by looking at this poor naked boy, who reminded me of myself when I was kidnapped. But then everything went black.


10. Chapter Nine: Izra

    Today was the beginning of the worst day ever. First, I was late to work because I was out clubbing and questioning the employs, or at least until I got kicked out. The second problem is that Jackson won’t stop emailing me, I refused to give him my phone number, and I think he has plans to stalk me since he now knows where I live. And the final problem is that I didn’t get to eat breakfast this morning, and I had to finish up some researching on my victims that I wasn’t paying attention and missed my lunch break. The only good things about today is that I got some work done and that in the break room there is free coffee. Then my phone vibrated, since it was on vibrate, and I answered it.
    “What do you need? I’m not in the mood to deal with useless crap.” I snapped at the person on the other side of this phone. I was able to hear Star laughing in the background but I really didn’t care. I was tired, hungry, and ready for this terribly long day to end. I groaned and just leaned back in my chair.
    “What do you two want now and how come Star isn’t helping us out on this case? She is usually with Marie and me for the whole time.” I wondered.  Like I’m not a clingy person and feel the need to be babied, but it feels weird to not have Star and her antisocialness around.
    “She is smart and can tell when you and Marie are competing against each other, that she shouldn’t be around, and that she knows how to solve a case but not what goes on where I work at. So in other words, she is smart and wants more information in her book.” Felicia replied back with some sass. I rolled my eyes on the other end but agreed with the reasons mentally.
    “Okay what do you need me for?” I questioned them. I was hoping for a peaceful day today.
    “I need you and Marie down here in about an hour.” Felicia ordered me.
    “Why not now?” I asked her. Usually she wants us down there the moment she calls us, so why doesn’t she wants us now.
    “Star and I are on are lunch break. Something I heard someone missed.” Felicia said right before she hanged up on me. Sometimes I hate her, and I mean it.
    So what to do now. I worked my butt off so I can finish this case quickly and I got nothing. I don’t have the last name to the Zachery guy and I can’t question people until I have more proof, or unless Marie is with me. Like, I didn’t mean to get harsh last time and I got him to admit that he did do it. So now I have nothing to do but spin around in my chair. Hey, maybe if I’m lucky, my boss would let me leave for my lunch, even though it is an hour late. 
    “Hey Izra. What’s up?” Someone asked me. I almost jumped but then I realized that it was only Marie. I rolled my eyes, as she laughed a little. 
    “Not much, Marie. I’m just really tired and ready for bed and something to eat would be nice too. Oh, and Felicia and Star wants to see us in about an hour.” I told her. Marie nodded her head, mentally saying that she understands and got it. 
    “I agree Iz. I’m tired too.” Marie responded back to me. I could tell that she was tired because she had bags on her eyes. I nodded in agreement that. Today was ruff by the lack of everything. “Well, I’m going to get a head start on all of my work.”
    “Like what and how much do you have on your case yet?” I asked. Hey, don’t judge me. I’m not crazy enough to make a bet then know nothing about what the person I’m up against.
    “Just some facts on my victim’s kids and now I’m hunting for some interesting facts on my victim. How about you?” Marie asked me. 
    “Some facts about my two victims and how where they connected, who they both knew, and then what and why they were killed. But I can’t find anything about the two.” I honestly admitted. This case was tough and I only had limited facts. This is a terrible case, an interesting one but terrible to actually have to solve.
    “I will admit that whoever we are trying to find, they are smart enough to not get caught.” Marie informed me with a smirk.
    “If only they left a bit of blood somewhere and didn’t have to be so smart.” I answered, agreeing completely with her.
    “I know, whoever we are messing with is smart and I don’t like.” She said. I just nodded my head, 100% agreeing with Marie and her thought of this. I hated being outsmarted and the fact that this is my job and I get paid to do this, is really pissing me off.
    “Sometimes, I wonder why you took this job. And you must really hate serial killers.” A strange man said as he was walking past us. I looked at him and had to admit he wasn’t a bad looking guy for his 30s, but defiantly not my type. He had bright blonde hair that was still wet, deeply tan skin that was in a deep contrast to Anya’s, and bright blue grey eyes. Like I said, a handsome guy sometimes in his 30s. 
    “Actually, it’s the exact opposite for us. We love and have a great interest in the serial killers. They are smart and cunning. They also rarely ever leave a mistake back, but the two cases we have, they must not care that much about how smart there are because they weren’t smart enough to make sure everything was perfectly fine.” Marie responded for the two of us. I just nodded in agreement. Everything she said was true. Serial killers where some of our smartest people in the world. They understand how everything in this world worked and knew the laws, so they knew how to get around them. They knew all of the different laws and every way to get around them. They knew all and any loopholes in them, and all in all, nobody never knows where or who they are. They can be that sweet girl in the back of your class. The quarterback on the football team that everyone loves can be a killer that kills bullies. The genius girl who stumbles over everything she says and can be one of the most dangerous killers out there. You can and should never underestimate people. Everyone in this world is dangerous and they can attack you in a heartbeat.
    “You will be shocked by everything in this world.” I informed him. He was shocked by how much we could know. Though this guy has to be an idiot to not see how obvious this was. 
    “You two must have no social life at home.” The man told us and we just both laughed at what he thought of us, not caring at all.
    It was now time for Marie and me to go and see Star and Felicia. It was about an hour and a half since they last called me to tell me to bring Marie down there with me. But being in the elevator, wondering what such a big deal about today was, that made us have to go to the lab.
    “I know that we are not supposed to have food in the lab, but today is an extremely important day that is making it that we had to do celebrate.” Felicia said to us as we walked in. I looked around and gasped at what I saw. Everywhere around on the stands and where we put the bodies, was food and drinks.
    “Don’t worry, we cleaned everything off before we put the food and drinks on them.” Star informed us. She had a huge smile on our face and now I was hunting inside my mind, thinking about what I could have forgotten today.
    “What’s so important today that we could have forgotten, and give us one reason why we shouldn’t report you?” Marie asked them. She put her left hand on her hip and just gave them that look. I just crossed my arms around my chest and raised an eyebrow. Star and Felicia just sighed. 
    “How can you forget that today is Remembrance Day? The day when we found Marie from that man and Izra shot him inn both of his legs so he can’t run. The day that Dani came.” Star begged us to remember. Now that I can actually think about this, the first thing that came to me was how this day happened.
    I was holding my gun and had it pointed at the door. This wasn’t supposed to happen, I thought to myself. Marie wasn’t supposed to get kidnapped on our first case. The killer wasn’t supposed to get raped, beaten, and everything bad that could of happened to her, happen. I wasn’t listening to my instructor as he was telling me to not break down the door or do anything and to wait in the back. But, of course, I didn’t listen and just kicked the door down. I ran in the small, stinky, abandon warehouse. I ran in and found Marie tied to a chair. She was trying to say something to me, but it was too late. I was shot in my back, towards my scapular bone and screamed. I looked behind me to see a young teenage boy. He had black hair and such dark brown eyes that they looked black. They had an insane look in his eyes. He just laughed at me and said something, but I was slowly loosing eyesight and hearing. He walked in front of me to grab Marie, so I did the only thing that I was capable to do, and something to save her. I shot his both of his legs and then I lost conscious. 
    “Oh, yeah.” Marie mumbled. I knew she didn’t want to remember that. She felt like she failed and so did I. We never did get over that our first case was like hell in a small package. Then, I finally got back to work around a month after it happened. Marie went to therapy until she swore to all of us that she was perfectly fine. She was only going to therapy for about two and a half months. Star and Felicia thought that we should make Marie go longer but I thought that we can just let her drop out and I, somehow, convinced them that it was okay.
    “Why don’t we just eat and have some drinks, right now?” I offered, hoping that they would agree.
    “Yeah. And then we can tell stories of what happened to us.” Felicia said. You can tell that she was excited about everything. I couldn’t blame her, this was the best day for all of us. We all grew up in great homes and with great families but even perfectly fine people struggle with life from time to time. Like Felicia was abused by her parents for the first and second year of her life and then bullied in school from 3rd grade up to 8th grade. Star always had people expect so much of her and struggled to make friends, and it didn’t help with the fact that her mom was almost forcing her to make friends in her Girl Scout troop. Marie was just Marie and was different by what she liked and her Multiple Personality Disorder. And then I was just different and had problems because I was also different, but it was much worst then Marie’s different. And it was always extremely hard to explain to people that Tommy was really there and why I always heard voices in my head. But, we all met each other and became friends and that’s all what matters. 
    “You guys do realize that we are at work.” Marie asked them. Yeah, what if someone comes in on us and no one can interrupt us. That or tell the boss man and get us all in trouble. 
    “Yeah we shouldn’t have it here. Marie and I are already on thin ice with boss man and he would love to give us a break from here.” I told them all. I didn’t want to have to sit around and do nothing all day. I will lose my mind.
    “Don’t worry, we can’t do it for too long because I am getting a new intern today.” Felicia told us all. I looked over at her with shock. She never has an intern because she always has Star around her. 
    “What about Star?” I asked confused. Was Star leaving us soon, and did she already think up of a case to write. Like, what could have happened in a matter of days?
    “After this case I’m leaving. I am going to base my story off of this case, guys. So, soon I’m going to be gone for a little bit.” Star responded. I felt bad but then I remembered something.
    “Who is the new intern that you are watching over?” I asked. By the look on Marie’s face, I could tell that she was about to ask the same thing.
    “Carly Something. I don’t remember, but she is here for her to earn her degree, but she got to have real lab experience.” Felicia informed us. I nodded my head understanding why. Some professors made it that you can’t pass the class if you don’t take an internship. If you asked me it was the dumbest thing out there, but that is just my own personal opinion. But if you think about it, it is dumb. 
    “So, what do you guys want to drink?” Star asked us. I told her that I wanted a Dr. Pepper or Root Beer, if she got either of them. Felicia and Marie both said that they wanted Dr. Pepper to drink. And it was at the same time, which resulted in a jinx war, which is extremely annoying. I grabbed my cup when Star handed it to me, then I headed off to the bag with food in it. I was hungry, don’t judge me. 
    “Hey, geniuses. Come get some food.” I ordered the two who was, or were, fighting until I mentioned the word food came up. They quickly ran toward me and almost pushed me down but I got a table first and pushed it towards them as I ran to the table to get the food first.
    “You guys act like kids sometimes, you know that right?” Star asked us all. I just gave her a cheeky smile as the other two just tried to explain that I was the only person here that ever acted like a kid. Yeah right, they also acted like a kid, not just me.
    “I do not act like a kid. And if I do, you guys act like one just as well.” I told them. They both glared like at me like I was crazy. But before they can become the over dramatic people I know, I threw a bag of chips at them. They ripped it open and Star and I couldn’t help but laugh at them both. 
    “We are hungry, it is not our fault.” Marie defended herself. We talked and laughed for a bit when my phone decided to play the most annoying ring tone ever, which means one thing.
    “Who is calling you, Iz?” Felicia questioned me. I gave her a look that said it all and exactly who was calling me. 
    “What do you want Jackson?” I asked, or ordered him depending on what way you were listening to me, to him. 
    “This is something you might want to know about your case and tell Marie I have some interesting facts on her case that she might want to know too.” Jackson quickly informed me, but right after it, he hung up on me. I looked at Marie and gave her the look that said that it was time to go.
    “Okay, so when I was looking at your case Marie and the pictures of the kids, I noticed something that was interesting.” Jackson said, while heading to Marie’s side of the board. He pointed at Mikey, a kid that I still haven’t met just heard about. 
    “So.” Marie started off, clearly wanting more facts and to know what this guy discovered.
    “So if you look at the picture of Mikey, you will notice that he has bruises on his legs, arms, and a cut mark on his neck. That shows he was abused. Then if you look at the other two, they don’t have as bad but they do have some minor bruising on them.” Jackson explained as he looked straight at Marie. I looked over towards her and saw her look of grimace on her face of the fact that a poor innocent was abused. 
    “And for you Izra.” He started as he turned toward me, “I looked over the case you are doing, your first victim had sex but if you look at the wounds she had, it represented a man who was strong, probably around his 40s. But then you look at the how much sperm was in her and how she was treated represented that this guy was in his late 20s at the most. Then if we look at the second victim and we pay attention to his facial expression states that he was shocked to see someone there, and he was shot from the back not how we thought where he was shot.” 
    “So what you are saying is that there are two people working together for this case?” I asked shocked. I couldn’t believe a single thing that happened. Now I went from one murderer to two. Great, I always get the fun cases. I already had enough fun on all of Marie’s and mine past cases. 
    “That means my killer also saved three kids life.” Marie said, looking at me and I could just see her facial expression because of the facts that she discovered. I opened my mouth to talk, only to be interrupted by Marie’s phones ring tone. 
    “This is Detective Marie. What do you guys need?” She asked the other person on the phone. And her expression on her face showed exactly what the person said on the other side of the phone call. Guess it’s time for another murder.


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