Pick one

Jamie moves to Sydney and she has a crush on her neighbor Michael clifford he has feelings for her but his other bandmate ashton has feelings for her too but she has to just pick one.


18. moving on from you is harder then I imagined

Jamie's pov: I woke up next to luke and it felt so amazing,but just can't move on from micheal.i thought I was better off without him but I was wrong,I missed having me and him next to me looking at me while I slept and told me sweet things.thats it I can't do I tried to move on but I can't I just still kinda love mike because he was my first love and what he did broke me into pieces but luke was there to pick them up.i forgave micheal but what he did just ruined what we had and I know he felt lonely but what was I supposed to do I mean I really wanted to but....I still love micheal even though he cheated on me I just still fucking do.should i brake up with luke,I mean I don't want too but I just want to think things out before I regret doing something stupid,I feel like throwing up and I run to the toilet and I realize I'm late....

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