You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


14. Chapter13


"I would rather die than say that." I spit out.
"As you wish." He walks to his guys and one of them hands him a gun.
He loads it and points it at me, I call his bluff as I cross my arms. I study his stance thoroughly, I can kick his right leg, push on his chest, put my hand also on the trigger, and finally disarm him. Right before I can do any of that the door behind flings open, Niall and his gang emerge from the door with a gun in each of their hands.
"Let her go Roman." Niall demands.
Roman then grabs me, pulls me to his side, and puts the gun next to my head.
"Shoot and she'll die before the bullet hits me." He says.
"Yeah but you and your guys will also be dead." Niall states.
"Oh, did you hear that? Your boyfriend doesn't care if you die. Didn't I say you'll regret your choice, this piece of shit would sacrifice you, just so that he can kill me." Roman says.
Niall's face turns with anger as his hand starts to tremble a bit. I decide to do the only thing logical.
"Y-You're right." I say and everyone looks at me in confusion "He doesn't care about me, but you do." I turn to Roman and gaze into his eyes.
His expression changes from confused to happy when I look at him.
"Elena." Niall calls out.
I ignore him as I run my fingers through his hair and rub his arm up and down. I look at his lips and back to his eyes. Roman licks his lips and closes his eyes as he leans in. That's when I punch his stomach and elbow him straight in his face. I take his gun and point it to him "I was right, you Irish are so fucking gullible." I say as I look back at Niall.
Niall smiles at me and I turn back to Roman. He wipes blood off his nose and puts his hands up in defeat. I chuckle as I take out the gun's amo and take the gun apart. I throw it on the ground "I guess your plan of me telling Niall I'm in love with you, didn't work out so good." I tell him.
"Your what!?" Niall yells as walks towards Roman.
I stop him in his tracks and reassure him that I hate Roman and that I was never going to do it. Niall smiles at me and puts his arm over my shoulder.
"See you later Roman." Niall says as he turns us around and we walk out of the store with Roman yelling behind us.
When we're outside I back away from Niall and go over to Liam. I tap his shoulder and when he turns around I slap him across his face.
"I told you not to call Niall!" I yell at him as he holds his cheek with his hand.
"I like this girl." Louis says.
Niall hugs me from behind and kisses my neck. I shake him off vigorously. Niall backs up with a confused expression on his face. He asks me what's wrong and I turn my attention back to Liam.
"I had his ass, but then you five idiots barged in and almost got me killed!"
"Beautiful you need to calm-" I cut off Niall as I yell in his face.
"Shut the fuck up, this all your fault! My life is at risk here not yours!" I yell and I turn around and walk to my house.
I end up walking back to my house alone, but I didn't care that was exactly what I wanted. I open my door and I check the time, 3:44. I go to the kitchen and I get started on diner, I make spaghetti with meatballs with a side of salad. I serve myself and soon enough Rudy comes through the door, his face is covered with soot.
"Have fun at work?" I ask sarcastically.
"Yup, it was great. I ran into two burning buildings and one of them almost collapsed." He tells me as he washes his face and hands in the sink.
He then serves himself a mountain of spaghetti, almost 10 meatballs, and half of the whole salad I made. He sits down and attacks the plate I make a grossed out face as I go over and wash my plate. I go to my room and I take some basketball shorts and a tank top with me to the bathroom. I take a shower, change into some cleaner clothes and head to my room. I watch cartoons, ignore Niall's attempts of talking to me and rehearse my backstory for school tomorrow.

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