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13. Chapter12

I hover on top of her and she pulls me down again to kiss her. I brush my tongue on her bottom lip and she opens her mouth for me. Our tongues battle for dominance and I feel Elena pull my shirt up. I quickly take off all my clothing only leaving my boxers and my socks on. Elena takes off her pajama pants and her blouse. I look at her beautiful black laced matching bra and panties. I lick my lips and dive into her.
Before I knew what was happening Elena flips us and she is now on top of me. She smirks and kisses my neck and sucks on my skin. I moan and feel her body up and down with my hands. I massage her waist and make her bounce a bit on my length.
"Wait." She leaves the room and quickly comes back with a rubber.
She takes of my boxers and slips it on, I love it when she does that.
She takes off her panties and straddles me. I moan at how good it feels to be in her. She gasps and starts to ride me. I hold on to her hips for support and she places her hands on my shoulders. We both moan and breathe faster and heavier.
"Fuck." I moan as I'm getting close.
She rides me faster and I thrust in harder, which earns me a loud moan.
"N-Niall, I-I can't hold it much-"
"I'm almost there beautiful. Just... Wait..A..."
I finally finish and so does she, she lays on top of me with me still inside her. I move strands of hair out of her face and push them back to her ear. She traces the outline of my star tattoo on my chest and I do the same with the one on her back. She reaches for her blanket and covers us both again. She looks up at me and smiles, I smile back until her smile becomes a devilish smirk. She descends lower into the blanket up until I feel her take the condom off and insert me into her mouth. I moan and reach down to hold onto her hair, I tug at it as she sucks harder and faster. I thrust into her mouth and I hear her moan.
"Oh Fuck." I cuss as she sucks again.
I feel the liquid come out and surprisingly she swallows it and licks me clean. She comes back up and kisses me.
"I thought you said you didn't swallow." I tease her.
She laughs and lays back down on my chest.
"Oh you're so gonna get it." I tell her.
She giggles and I sit up and move her off me. I crouch down and kiss my way up from her thigh. I lick her clit and Elena moans again. I lick her up and down and she moans louder and more breathlessly. She sustains herself by her sheets and I hold on to her thighs as I begin to suck on her clit.
"I-I'm c-coming Niall."
"Go ahead beautiful."
She moans again as she releases herself and I drink up all that I can. I lick her clean and go back up and kiss her. I stick my tongue without even asking and explore her mouth. I pull away and caress her cheek with my thumb.
"So what now?" She asks.
"We get back together."
"Behind their backs."
"Why not?"
She smiles and I smile back at her. After an hour of staring at each other we decide to put our clothes back on. She makes her bed and throws away the condom and the wrapper.
"I almost forgot!" I yell as I take out the two necklaces from my pocket "Here." I hand them to her and she thanks me as she hugs me.
I give her one last kiss before she goes to take a shower and I head back to my house. I knew I was going to get her back, but I never thought like that.
Victoria's P.O.V
"Fucking shit!" I yell as I punch the bathroom wall.
What did I do, how could I give in that quick? I have no idea why I even said I wanted him, my hormones were everywhere when I saw him. I'm most disappointed for swallowing, I mean I never swallowed with George, and here I am swallowing some guy I met 3 days ago.
After I finish taking a shower I decide to go for a run to clear my mind, when your brother's an ex marine you make working out a mind clearer. I put on a purple sports bra with a gray tank top, gray shorts, and some gray with white running shoes. I pull my hair back into a tight ponytail and I stretch in my living room before I go out and lock my door. I take off up street and I pass by Niall's house while I wave to Mr.Horan who's sitting on his porch.
I keep running and I control my breathing just like Rudy taught me to. I stop at a couple stoplights, stretch a bit, and ignore the drooling middle schoolers who are staring at me. I continue to run until I reach a park, I run to the water fountain and I take a gulp and splash some of the water on my face. I walk around until I feel someone slap my but.
I quickly turn around to see non other than....Roman. He smirks at his gesture and scoff "Don't fucking touch me." I spit out.
"Oh please, you were asking for it in those shorts."
"I can't take a boy serious if he's wearing the same earrings my aunt would wear." I turn around but Roman grabs my wrist and drags me and pins me to a tree.
He takes out a pocket knife holds it to my cheek. I look at it and it's the smallest knife I have ever seen. I begin to chuckle then giggle until I'm laughing.
"What the fuck's so funny?!" He asks.
"That has to be. The most. Smallest. Knife. I have ever seen!" I say in between laughs.
His face turns red with anger and he tightens his grip on my wrist. He caresses my cheek with his thumb and licks his lips.
"Such a shame that I have to ruin that pretty face." He coos.
I use my free hand to punch him across his face. He stumbles a bit and spits out blood. He looks at me and grunts. I kick his stomach and right before I was going to uppercut him someone grabs my fist and pulls me over their shoulder.
"Hey, I wasn't finished with him!" I yell as the person begins to run.
"The police beg to differ!" He retorts.
"Wait a minute. Liam!?"
He runs into a nearby alley and puts me down. I look at him dumbfoundedly, why did he do that, and how did he know I was there?
"Why did you do that?" I scream at him.
"You were about to get arrested." He responds.
"So that gives you the right to pick me up and rip me away from a fight, which I was clearly wining, with an asshole that slapped my ass."
"He what?"
"You heard me. Now if you don't mind I'm going home."
I walk past him but he pulls me back by my arm and tells me that my arm is bleeding. I look at it and I have small scratches and dry blood all over my arm.
"I'll take care of it." Liam says as he leads me to his house.
He opens his front door and I follow him to his bathroom. He takes out some alcohol and pours it on a towel. He slowly rubs it own my arm and across my scratches. I grit my teeth and he puts a band aid on one of my cuts that is still bleeding.
"Thanks." I tell him as I walk out of his bathroom and to his door.
"Wait, you can't go out there." Liam calls after me.
"I can handle myself." I retort.
"Against 5 men?' I stop when I'm halfway out the door, I tarry as I think about his statement.
"What do you suggest I do then?" I ask.
"Let me just call Niall so we-" I cut him off, I don't want to just rely on Niall for my safety.
"No! I don't need someone to fight for me!" I yell as I go through his door.
I start to run and take the quickest route to my house. I run past shops and accidentally bump people in the process. I stop at a stoplight and I swiftly look around for Roman. He's nowhere in sight, I smirk, and run again. I look at the street and I'm about 3 more minutes away from my house.
Suddenly someone tackles me to the ground. The person grabs my arm and drags me into a nearby shop and pulls me all the way to the back. He pushes me into a room where I see Roman with 4 other guys behind him.
"So, you think you can disrespect me and get away with it?" Roman says.
I stand up and brush myself up "Pretty much." I tell him.
He backhands me "Tell me gorgeous, why isn't Niall here to your rescue, I mean you are his girlfriend after all, and you did choose him over me. And the look at this situation."
"Oh, you mean Niall's fucked me and you haven't." I tell him.
He chuckles and before he can hit me with his right hook I put my arm up, block him, and I redirect my other fist to connect with his face. He stumbles back and two of his guys hold me back and push me down to my knees. He walks towards me and grips my neck with his hand.
"Don't. Do. That. Again." He commands.
"No. Promises." I say with a smirk.
He releases me and signals for his guys to let me go. I stand up and Roman takes off his jacket and cracks his knuckles.
"Okay this is what's going to happen, you're gonna break up with Niall and tell him you're in love with me now."
"Why would I do that?" I ask him.
"Because if you don't you and your family will die." He tells me with a straight face.
I fucking hate deja vu moments like these

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