You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


1. summary

Victoria dumps George, one of LA's biggest gang leader, and she is then enlisted in witness protection program. She and her older brother and sister move to Ireland and get a new look and a new life. Victoria meets the cocky Niall and believes he is just like George. Until he shows her they should be together. Can she keep her secret from Niall for long, will her past catch up with her?

Backstory: Victoria's parents abandoned her and her siblings back in Brazil when she was 8. They told their children they were going to work and never came back. Two years later they moved to Los Angeles and Rudy enrolled himself in the army. Victoria was miserable when she was in LA, the kids at her school would tease her because she didn't know English. She would come home and cry in her sister's arms. During all that Rudy was serving in Iraq. 4 years later Victoria's English was perfect, but she was still bullied because she had no friends and was very anti social. At the start of sophomore year George stopped some girls from beating her up. After that they started talking more and more, George asked her to be his girlfriend and she accepted. Last summer he told her everything about him and she still stayed with him. She became more outgoing, social, rude, and was now drinking and smoking. When Rudy came home he saw how she was and called the cops on her as she was smoking weed. She stayed a month in prison and was later bailed out by her boyfriend. She quit smoking and drinking shortly after. She worked harder in school and brought up her GPA, during the summer she dumped George and moved to Ireland.


Characters George Suarez

(18) Victoria's ex boyfriend. One of the biggest gang leaders in LA. Very aggressive and violent. Wants Victoria all to himself. Will kill anyone who gets in his way. Very controlling and has a high temper.

James Callow

(18) Becomes Victoria's best friend. Very shy and quiet person. Also rude and very quick on comebacks. Straight A student, very big nerd.

Niall Horan

(17) Rude and a very cocky asshole. Wants to be with Victoria and doesn't know about her past. Leader of the gang One Direction. Fights anyone any where. Always speaks his mind.

Rose Serrano (Bianca Carrillo)

(25) Rudy's twin sister. Victoria's older sister. Kind and understanding towards others. Fun, emotional, and rude to her family. 4 months pregnant, doesn't know who the father is. Doesn't know how to fight, but is skilled with a gun.

Rudy Serrano (John Carrillo)

(25) Served as a Marine for 6 years. Very loving and protective older brother. Victoria's older brother. Rose's twin brother. Goes rogue when mad. Very high temper. Will fight anyone who messes with his family.

Victoria Serrano (Elena Carrillo)

(17). She is very stubborn and hard headed. Kind and nice to strangers. Normally rude and very social. She will defend herself, her family, and anyone who needs it. Younger sister of Rudy and Rose. Fights well and is very strong for someone her age. Always has something to say.

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