Peter and Brian in 'Baking A Murder'

In West Wallaby Street, bakeries are closing due to a cereal killer killing all the bakers. Top Bun, owned by Wallace (Peter Griffin) and Gromit (Brian Griffin), are doing very well. That is until they meet bread lover Piella Bakewell (Angela) and Fluffles (Jillian)...


2. Goodbye, Bob, and Hello, Piella

At the Top Bun bakery (formally known as 62 West Wallaby Street), Gromit was watching the news as he was making loaves of bread. Gromit was enjoying more of the hard work than listening to the news.
   "Good evening, I'm Tom Tucker," greeted Tom Tucker on the news.
   "And I'm Diana Simmons," joined in Diana Simmons.
   "First, Ollie Williams will tell us what the weather is like," said Tom. "What's the weather like, Ollie?"
   "BOILIN'!" yelled Ollie.
   "Thanks, Ollie," said Tom. "Now for our top story: Last night, our dearly beloved Baker Bob was dead, making him the twelfth baker found dead this year! Roll the clip."
   On the TV, the screen showed the Bob the Baker shop at night and the song I've Got Love in My Tummy was playing very loudly on the radio. Then Baker Bob was singing how he usually sings, which would be "Wablu! Wablu! Wablu!" Then it got louder. "WABLU! WABLU! WABLU!" Then it went silent.
   "Ten minutes later," concluded Tom, "the Police arrived and he was declared dead."
   That made Gromit worried. "We could be next," he said.
   Then the alarm clock from Wallace's room went off. But Gromit knew that Wallace, since he was in the room where the grinds and cogs were, would have cotton wools in his ears to sleep well and he wouldn't hear the alarm clock, so he filled a balloon with water and he hung it up on the windmill arm.
   Upstairs, Wallace was farting in his sleep. "Oh, lovely beer!" he sighed in his sleep. "I could just have it with a delicious – BALLOON?" Wallace quickly woke up to see what woke him up. It was the water balloon that Gromit has sent to wake him up.
   "What did you do that for?" yelled Wallace angrily. "I was just coming!"
   "Yeah, right," moaned Gromit as he pulled down the lever that would send him out of bed, down and the chute and into his trousers in line with the flour bags. The sacks chucked down the flour and Wallace joined them. The flour was about to go into the mixture of the bread and Wallace would've gone into it, if Gromit hadn't pulled the chute away from the mixture. Gromit was busy on the fork-truck, putting the bread into their Top Bun dough-to-door van.

Soon Wallace and Gromit were driving along the road. Gromit was driving, while Wallace, dressed in his full gear, was reading the newspaper. "Oh, damn, another dead baker!" he screamed. "Well, one bright side – he's in heaven now. And there's another bright side for us – more business for us!"
   "For me than you, lately," whispered Gromit.
   "I heard that!" yelled Wallace. "What do you mean by that?"
   "I just wished you'd do some hard work like me sometimes!" barked Gromit.
   "Well, I'm too old for hard work! Besides, I'm the brains in this business whereas you're just the brawns," Wallace argued back.
   Gromit had to laugh. "Me – brawns? You – brains? That is the stupidest bullshit you have ever just said."
   Then they got down to business. They dropped the breads off to the bun shops, then they threw a loaf to each letter box of each door like a postman and ducks in ducks ponds get a treat by a big SPLASH!
   "Is it raining bread?" one duck would ask. And another one would say, "Oh, no! It's the ghost of Adolf Hitler, trying to get rid of us Jewish ducks."
   Soon, Wallace and Gromit were about to head for home. "Mission accomplished, pal," cheered Wallace. "We've hit the… bulls-eye." He threw the last bread and it hit the left eye of Bullseye the horse, which knocked Sherriff Woody off. The thieves they were trying to get for robbing a bank could now get away so easily.
   "Nice job, Bulls-eye!" yelled Woody. "Now how are we going to get those thieves now?"
   "Well, if you want something done, why don’t you do it yourself!" growled Bulls-eye as he stormed off leaving Woody behind.
   The reason Wallace didn't look where he threw that last piece of bread was because he thought he could see someone coming on a bike. Someone he knew… from TV! It was the actress who played the Bake-O-Lite bread company commercials he had been watching on telly. Then he saw her speeding down the slope of the hill. She was screaming her head off and she wasn't the only one! Her pet poodle was screaming too!
   Then they had some luck – Wallace and Gromit's van was catching up to them!
   "Take this wheel, lad," ordered Wallace. Gromit did, realizing the van had no wheel at all. Then he saw Wallace was out on the bonnet on the truck. He put on his Indiana Jones hat and he threw his whip on a lamppost and he swung across and landed in front of the lady's bike.
   "Don't worry, ma'am," assured Wallace. "Teacakes, Gromit. Throw the whole fruit meal on me balls!"
   Gromit, in control of the wheel and the van, threw all the tea cakes to Wallace's balls. Wallace tried to stop the bike, but it just kept on rolling and rolling and rolling… into the zoo!
   They did not stop moving until they came to the alligators! The bike crashed into the wall. They all began to fall down. Wallace threw the whip to the nearest tree and his foot caught the lady in her mouth, shutting up her useless muffles.
   But her poodle fell into the giant alligator's mouth! Gromit had his own gadget – a bat swing that he borrowed from Batman. He shot down into the mouth and out of the shot the bat swing, which wrapped around the lady's nose, and Gromit and the poodle.

Everyone took a breather. "Are you all right?" Wallace asked.
   "Yes, thanks to you," answered the lady. "It's those damn brakes again. We're very grateful, aren't we, Fluffles?"
   "What? Oh, yeah. We're very grateful!" And the poodle, called Fluffles, gave Wallace a cute kiss.
   "How lovely," exclaimed Wallace.
   "My name is Piella Bakewell," said the lady, offering her hand.
   "I know you, miss," exclaimed Wallace, shaking her hand. "I've seen your commercials. I'm light as a Feather, I'm the Bake-O-Lite girl."
   "Whoa!" Piella was impressed. "Not many people notice people from commercials."
   "It doesn't matter to me," Wallace told her. "I'm Wallace, owner and manager of the Top Bun bakery here."
   "Whoa! That sounds like a big job," Piella said.
   "Are you still ballooning, Miss – "
   "Hey! I know I'm not skinny, but I'm trying to slim down and – "
   "No!" interrupted Wallace. "I meant the Bake-O-Lite balloon."
   "Oh, right," said Piella, getting it. "No, the Bake-O-Lite company's been flushed down the toilet and everyone is looking for jobs to do and you know how much everyone wants a job but can't get one, due to the overpopulation."
   "Well, we'd better get back to the grind before someone beats us to it," Wallace said. "Cheerio, Miss Bakewell."
   "Au Revoir, Mr. Wallace," said Piella back, as she took her bicycle. Wallace kept his eyes on Piella as she and Fluffles rode out of the zoo.
   Gromit came to Wallace. "Wallace, I checked her brakes while you were talking. They worked perfectly."
   "I'm sure it wasn't," Wallace said, walking out of the zoo.
   Gromit knew Wallace was under a love spell, so he decided to just get into the van and drive on.
   As he drove off, all the animals had saw what had happened, including one penguin called Feathers McGraw! "Ohh!" he cried. "At least, my archenemies are going to meet their match!"

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