About a mother's love and what she does for you. How she tries to protect you at all costs. She will do anything for you. To make you happy and safe. Always there for you.


1. Mother

Along the way

Someone wiped a tear

My dear sweet mother

It held a memory dear


A mother does full time work

The greatest job of all

Because she is paid with love


She does a million things

As she is growing old

She has cried a many tear

Just to save me


Her heart is made of the purest gold

Light shines with love for her eyes

She is and always will be right


The passage of time she must carry

She has it set to bear a soul

From her own it is separate

She must teach to live and die alone


Whom she may cherish

A mother's love helps us too

Be a better human being

For us to be able


To do the impossible

With her foot prints she left a imprint

Like a velvet rose

As we sit on her lap


Your mother comes first

Always number one

Your loving mother

Will keep you from harm


Safe from others

She is the one

That cares for you

When you are lonely


Dies a little when you cry

More than anything she loves you

By others you may be rejected

They may not want your love


But don't ever hate your life

Close your eyes and see

Someone understands you

Never feel alone


Your mother will be there

To your mother you owe

Everything of your magic

Life she does bring


A soft lace you may feel

With loving arms  that hold you

Smiles with sunshine and rainbows

She will bring


You will run to her

In your time of need

She will catch you if you fall

She is the story of love

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