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❝I think I like the idea of us.❞


6. Chapter Five

Chapter Five



Her Dad pulled me to the side by my arm as she got up, and lead me to the kitchen.

"You better show her a good time." He growled and crossed his arms.

"I will." I simply responded. He raised a eyebrow.


"With all due respect Mr. Cameron, I'm not what you expect me to be. I'm not a true prick like the rest of the dicks at my school."

"I guess I understand. But there's something you need to understand about Everlee." He frowned.


"When she was in eighth grade she tried to kill herself. Luckily Heather found her before she could do anything."

Sadness flooded through me, once again.

My Everlee.

The girl who seemed perfect and innocent.

Has problems. Because everyday, my friends bullied and ignored her.

It made me love her even more.

"I'll take care of her. I promise Mr. Cameron."

"Aren't you Johannah Poulston's boy?" He asked.

"Yes," I nodded. My mum was big in her line of work, culinary. She worked at a five star restaurant with her boyfriend Dan. It didn't surprise me that he new her. Everyone did. And everyone knew Felicite, the only sister I had not told Everlee about, because it didn't matter. Felicite was only my half sister, and she lived in New York, attending the state college. My other sister Eleanor didn't know about, Georgia, was all the way in Australia.

"Where are you taking her tonight?" He sighed.

"Would it be okay if I take her to a small party?" I gulped.

"Sure." He shrugged "Everlee needs to get out and live. I worry about her. You two can help each other if you try."

I smiled and turned around walking back to the living room. I held my hand out to Everlee and it took her a while to take it. As soon as our fingers were intertwined, she bid farewell to her parents, and we walked outside to my gray Cadillac. I opened the passenger door and she slid into it. I closed her door and was in my side in a couple of minutes, when I turned the keys the engine purred to life. We were out of the driveway in a matter of seconds.




I just met Everlee Cameron. But I was already in love with her deeply. The way she looked when she was nervous, they way she played with her fingers, looked everywhere, the redness in her face shining through the makeup on her. I loved everything about her. From the natural waves on her hair, to the tan on her skin.

Pathetic huh?

I knew I was never going to be good enough for her, just like I was never good enough for Violet. And look where that got me. I promised myself that Everlee wouldn't be like her. That I would have to break up with her, though I hopped not, instead of have to see her be lowered into the ground in a casket.

Why is this so cliche.

The drive there was silent, except for Everlee pointing out the brightest stars. This made me smile, seeing the way her face lit up. It reminded me of a time where i was actually happy. A time when Violet was alive.

We pulled up into Harry's driveway, the small flat had only four cars in it, mine, Zayn's, Liam's, and Niall's. I took it that Anne was at work since her car was not in the driveway. I pulled in next to Niall's jeep, and helped Everlee out. She looked gorgeous, I couldn't help but stare. She blushed and I intertwined our fingers once again, leading her up the porch of Harry's house, and knocking on the door loud enough for them to hear over the music playing.


Hai guys! Just wanted to remind you that theres probably only going to be a few more chapters left, yes they will probably be short, hopefully I will get to make the last one longer than usual. Thank you all for getting this story onto 300 reads. One of these days I might edit the story because I do not like picking between Elounor and Larry! Love you all!

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