The Quest

What will happen if Leo Valdez falls in love? and how will it affect the quest at hand, how will it affect jemma? Find out in the Quest.


1. The New Demigod


Leo stared at the new demigod, "Hey Percy do you know who that is?"

"Yeah," said Percy, "That's Jemma, she just got here. She's the new demigod that was found near Thalia's tree.  Why did you want to know?"

"No reason."

 Leos P.O.V

"She is SO hot!"  I said as I looked over at Jemma.

"Who is?" Legacy asked.

"Uh, no one."

"Then why did you just yell, 'She is SO hot!'?"

"I'm talking to my self, Legacy. Can I do that without someone interrupting me or asking me about it?"

"No you can't, you're a demigod."

"Oh, that's nice to know. Thanks a lot Legacy."

"Well you don't need to be so sarcastic Leo. So who is it you like? Who do you think is hot? Because I think that I know who it is already. "

"Wait, how would you know?"

"I think that its that knew girl, Jemma."

"How would you know?"

"I could ask around and get some answers."

"Okay, it is Jemma."

"I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Clarisse owes me 20 drachma!"

"WAIT, WHAT?! You guys bet on who I liked?!"

"Maybe, what, is that wrong?"


"Oh, sorry. But she still owes me 20 dollars."



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