She belongs to me

Mia and her besties are going to one directions house for the whole summer it's gonna be a LONG summer


1. London here we come!Tt




Mia's Pov:

OMG!!!  We are going to London tomorrow OH SHIT! I forgot to pack!!! I got out my hot pink suitcase and started to pack..... 1 hour later....

Finally I should probably ring Hayley 

 (M=mia h=Hayley )

M=hey hayley

H=oh hi mia what's up 

M=nm well I just wanted to know if your packed up yet

H=yup well I gtg to bed long flight tomorrow 

M=same bye bae

H=baii bae

I got into my pyjamas , brushed my teeth and hopped into bed.

the next day 

I woke up and I got dressed. I ran down the stairs and had some leftover  pancakes and some orange juice. 15 minutes later... Omg it's already 9:30 and my flight leaves at 10 I better get going over to Lucy's house. I arrived at Lucy's house and Hayley was there as well so we head off to the airport.

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