Adopted By One Direction?????


1. intro

My Names Bobbie... BobbieMae Kendell. I'm Canadian and I am currently stuck in a 'Care' home in London. I've been here for Eleven years now... 
I am now seventeen years of age and been here since I was six years old... I hate this place to bits! 
I came from an extremely rough background , I was always on the run from the police with my parents,that were very abusive and alcoholics.
They were on the run because they would rob shops and banks all over America...
When I was five and a half they killed my two older brothers Vinnie and Codie, Vinnie should of been twenty one this year and Codie should of been twenty.
When they died they were ten and nine, three months after there death the police caught my parents on a boat on the way to the UK and that when they sent me to MissA'sCareHomeForGirls... 

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