Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


22. Award Shows

Chapter 22: Award Shows

Zack's P.O.V:

"It's starting!" Katy shouted from the couch. I put down my phone as Jackson and Brody jumped onto the couch ready to watch. Normally Brody, Jackson and I would leave Kendall and Katy to watch the award shows by themselves but Kendall will be there and we're all missing her so much that we just couldn't pass this up.

A woman came onto the screen wearing a red dress holding a microphone and smiling. 

"Who's that?" Brody asked and as I looked over at him I saw he had Katy pretty much on his lap. A pang of sadness went through me as I thought about Kendall and I quickly looked back to the screen.

"That's the new red carpet interviewer for E! News." Katy replied instantly before hushing him. I could barely hear her over the screams but then the volume of the fans was turned down. 

The woman was in the middle of her sentence but she didn't seem to care. "Now about half an hour ago fans down here were going absolutely crazy when none other than Kendall Styles -" A small picture of Kendall came up and then a video of her laughing with some fans took over as the woman carried on. "tweeted a picture of this." Replacing the video was her tweet of the box holding her dress inside. "I think everybody here is impatient to know what and who she's wearing especially since her hair has just been redone for the start of the new Hunger Games movie. She should be here any sec-"

Again she was cut off by loud screams and then she turned round so quickly I thought she sprained her back. "And her car is here!" 

We all sat up as the door of her limo opened and Robbie stepped out wearing a small tux. He saw the screaming fans and he turned round to face Kendall who hadn't yet came out the car. He stepped back as she got out and crouched down to his level. The cameras didn't have a good shot of her, all I can see is Robbie with Kendall's hands on his arms reassuring him. Then she stood up and Liam Hemsworth took Robbie by the hand. 

My mouth dropped open as the camera zoomed into Kendall who was smiling and waving at some fans. She looks completely different and if it weren't for the chilling yet warming feeling run up my neck I get whenever I see a picture of her, I wouldn't have believed it was her. With her completely brown hair in a simple comb over, her black outfit and her make up free face all of us in the room seemed to be completely surprised. 

"Oh my god!" Katy whispered. "Are you sure that's Kendall?"

"Yeah." A grin spread onto my face. "That's her alright."

"Jesus Christ." Jackson muttered next to me. "She's hotter than before!"

I instantly gave him a punch on the shoulder. "Dude!"

"What? I have a girlfriend!" He exclaimed. 

"Yes and that's my girlfriend!" I said pointing at the screen. "Don't say that!"

"Will you two shut up she's getting called over!" Brody hissed at his but he was smiling and shaking his head, finding this amusing obviously. 

"Kendall, Kendall over here!" The interviewer said waving Kendall over. Kendall looked over and smiled before jogging up the platform steps and standing next to the interviewer. 

I didn't hear the beginning of the interview, I was too busy staring at Kendall and the dramatic difference the blonde and brown hair made. It wasn't until I heard my name did I perk up. 

"So let's talk about Zack." The interviewer said casually, a bunch of girls who were listening in starting screaming and Jackson nudged my shoulder as Kendall started laughing and moved some hair from her face. 

"How did I know that was coming up?" She laughed. 

"You kinda deserve it," The woman said making Kendall laugh again. "I mean you two are all people can talk about right now. You're both extremely good looking and let's face it, everyone would love to be in the position you're in."

"Well." Kendall just shrugged then laughed a bit. "you can have him, he's a handful."

Jackson, Brody and Katy burst out laughing along with the interviewer. "Oh he can't be that bad can he?" The interviewer asked with a smile.

"No yeah, he's really great." Kendall smiled. "I mean he's been really sweet since we met and I don't know, just." She raised her shoulders awkwardly and there was tint of redness on her cheeks, no doubt on mine too.

"Well I think from recent photo graphs he's a bit more than 'sweet'." A picture of us at the airport came up where Kendall had her head on my chest, tilted up and my lips were brushing on hers. Then another one that Katy had taken of when some random girl had winked at me and Kendall had gotten a bit jealous. I had spun her round and pretty much slapped my lips against hers roughly and I saw now that my knuckles had turned white against her hips.

The camera turned back to Kendall who had full on blushed now. "Oh god." She said.

"Oh god indeed." Brody muttered earning a glare from me but I doubt it was effective since I felt the hotness of my cheeks.

"Okay we'll change the subject now." The interviewer said much to my gratitude. "There are rumors that the movie, Too Young, is coming out soon. Can you confirm them?"

"Do you know what, I honestly wish I could." Kendall said. "But I'm not trusted with information like that."

The interviewer raised her eyebrows. "Really?"

"Yeah, l'm literally not told anything until literally the last second." Kendall said, emphasizing the 'literally'. "No one trusts me over there, it's really sad." We all laughed as the interviewer 'awed' and Kendall giggled.

"No one trust you? What about the other kids?" The interviewer asked making Kendall sigh. 

"Well," She tilted her head slightly and bit her lip for a second. "Katy actually stole my laptop and broke it so don't trust her. Um, Brody; well Katy and I sprained his ankle once. I accidentally hit Jackson in the face once and Zack knows me too well to trust me with anything. And David... he's just David."

"They really hate you over there don't they?" The interviewer joked. 

"Yes!" Kendall exclaimed. "They're always picking on me it's really upsetting."

"Oh guys!" The interviewer turned to the camera. "Stop picking on her!"

"We should all tweet her something to piss her off." Katy mumbled and then we were all on Twitter. 

@BrodyCason_: You look like you just got run over @KendallStylesOfficial.

@KatyF-Hill: I've seen rubbish prettier than you @KendallStylesOfficial.

@JJTether: You look funny @KendallStylesOfficial.

@OfficialZackCowell: @KendallStylesOfficial, at least you tried babe.

When we looked up Kendall was off the screen and they were interviewing Drake Bell. My phone rang with Kendall's ID and I was off the sofa and out into my hotel room within a second. 

"Hey babe." I lent against the counter top as I put the phone to my cheek.

"I hate you so much!" She muttered making me laugh. I crossed one foot over the other and my free hand scratched at the back of my neck before resting on the counter behind me.

"It was all Katy's idea!" I informed with a nod.

"Why don't I believe you?" She asked and I grinned as I remembered the pillow fight we had on our first night in New York.

"Because you have no faith in me." I replied making her laugh. "You look absolutely beautiful babe."

"Really?" She asked. 

"Defiantly and you're so lucky I'm not there with you because if I was; I promise me my hands would be all over you."

"I'll consider myself lucky." She laughed. "Hey I gotta go but I'll talk to you later yeah?"

"Of course." I bit my lip and tilted my head back. "Just promise not to let any Hawaiian guys kiss you whilst you're over there."

"I promise but you gotta promise not to let any girls kiss you over there." She countered. 

"Don't worry, I'm all yours babe." I laughed. "Now go show everyone why I love you so much."

"Will do." She laughed. "I miss you Zack."

I closed my eyes, leaning my head against the cabinets behind me. "I miss you too Kendall."

There was silence for a second before the line went dead and I was left in my hotel room again. I realized that since she got on that god forsaken plane we haven't ended our conversations with 'bye' and for some reason that made me smile. It made me smile because it proves she is coming back and I'm not in denial about it.

"I miss you babe." I mumbled then took the phone from my cheek.

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