Steven Universe-A New Gem

Malachite is a lost gem warrior, hoping to find a new home. But instead finds something greater.


1. Trouble at the Beach

My little boat washed ashore to a city. It was surrounded in sand, like a beach. I looked to my right, and a sign read “Beach city”. Well,that makes a lot of sense to be honest. Nobody seemed to be around, until I spotted a pier to my left. On it, was a little boy with a action figure. I stepped out of my boat, in which I named it “Crooked Ship”. My black jacket was flying in the wind, and my hair was in my face. I pushed it behind my ears, and headed on out.


The boy was staring out into sea, looking lost.”Hey kid, do you know any people here”? I called out. The boy looked over, and nodded. I ran over and smiled.” Really? Man,that is a relief. The name’s Malachite, but you can call me Mala” I kept smiling. The boy was cute, I admit. He pointed to the town and then to a mountain close by.”Does anyone live there?” I asked the boy.


He nodded and took his gaze back to the sea. I wonder who lives there, I mean, it’s a mountain home! Must have good rent. My gaze went to a boy coming out of the door at the front of the house. He had poofy hair,a shirt with a star on it, and wore jeans. He was with a bike heading down the stairs. I looked down to the ground, nothing but sand. Didn’t he realize that the bike wouldn’t ride there? Kids, never really got there since of logic.


In the window of the house were three women watching him. One had boxy hair and glasses, another had long flowing,white hair and wore a purple tee, and the other one had strawberry/orange hair and a blue dress shirt. I noticed that they all had gems on them.(Gasp) it is what I have been looking for. More gems to meet, the other gems I knew at least.(Frowns) oh well, it is fine as long as they don’t go all crazy on me. Like the others…..


I should meet them, but first.”Hey little boy, are you friends with the girls up there” I yelled. He looked at me and screamed. He ran inside, and closed the door. There was a glass shard in the beach. I could see my reflection, and I looked AWFUL! No wonder he ran away, my blond hair was in tangles. My jacket was all scratched up, and my skirt was in half. Long trip I guess.


“Wait, I am normal. I just need new clothes” I yelled up. The women were looking at me with a hateful look in their eyes. They opened the door, and jumped off the mountain. They landed in front of me, weapons drawn. Something tells me this won’t end well.


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