Belladonna Malfoy

Belladonna Malfoy is Draco's younger sister and just happens to be his twin. Unlike her family Bella does not wish to join the dark lord but for the sake of her family joins in. After being tasked to spy on Harry, she slowly begins to fall in love with Harry and neither of them know how to stop, until something serious happens and the Dark Lord finds out.
Harry and Bella are 17 and the timing does not follow that of the original books.


8. Potions, Spells and Teachers

Everybody in the room began to find seats and made a rough semi-circle around Dumbledores desk. "Ok" began Dumbledore, "Am I right in thinking that you both wish to keep the baby?" Both Bella and Harry nodded and Bella grasped Harry's hand for support. Dumbledore rubbed his hand across his face and then began to speak again. " Well then this means  that we need to collectively work out the welfare of the child, what this means for the pair of you and how we will protect the child."

"I think I might be able to speak on behalf of the Order, " spoke Sirius raising his had slightly as though he were back at school." I believe that it goes without a doubt that the order will do anything possible to protect Bella, Harry and the baby. so as far as physical protection goes it's covered." Narcissa and McGonagall nodded their heads in approval. 

"Yes I think that would suit just fine Sirius, Thank you." said Dumbledore.

" We can't have the child home at the manor," Began Narcissa,"It is just far too dangerous and risky. I will do everything I can to make sure that Lucious and Draco do not find out. " 

"Thank you Narcissa, and an excellent point you have raised. The Dursleys would never take in another child, and we cannot really keep a child here at Hogwarts"

"Maybe I might be able to suggest something." All heads turned and looked at Harry. " Well there is the room of requirement. I remember something about how it only takes a few weeks, days even for a baby to fully recognise their parents, so what if after the baby is born for the first few weeks Bell and I stay in the room of requirement with our baby."

"Right, " said Dumbledore,"And what happens after those few weeks?" 

"Well this might sound a little bold...but what about the Weasleys. Mrs Weasley is constantly saying how lonely it is at the house whilst Mr Weasley is at work and the children are either at school or moved away. It would only be during the term time and with permission Bella and I could go over every once in a while. And then once Voldemort is defeated, Bella and I can raise our child by ourselves.The Weasley house is safe and the entire order knows its where abouts and trust them." Bella smiled at Harry and Narcissa began to chuckle.

"Mum.....whats so funny?"

"hahahaha ahhhh no grandchild of mine will be staying at the Weasleys." Bella suddenly became very angry.

"Well you better get used to it because it is the only option that we have! I trust the Weasley family and know my child will be safe there!"

"Now now Bella, lets not get too hasty, Mrs Weasley has not even been notified about this arrangement or of the situation itself." said McGonagall. Her sudden comment sent Dumbledore flying to the back of his office to contact Mrs Weasley, who arrived 10 minutes later. As soon as she arrived Harry told her what was going on and his plan. Molly looked around the room for a moment. "oh are you?" Narcissa pursed her lips and then replied, 

"Very well. and you?" Molly  nodded and said, " Very good." It was a strange relationship between Molly and Narcissa. They had once actually been friends! but due to circumstances that involved Voldemort and Lucious, the friendship turned into hate. Molly gave a cheery sigh and then found a chair and sat down. "I would be delighted." Bella let out a tiny squeal in delight. "There would obviously be a need for any small complications such as general well being and welfare of the child, but Arthur and I would love to do anything we can for Harry and Bella." 

"Thank you! thank you!" said Harry, jumping up to hug Molly. Narcissa rolled her eyes and then made eye contact with Bella, who then mouthed, "be nice." Narcissa then placed her right elbow on the arm of the chair she was sitting on and then rested her head slighty on her hand. " Ofcourse I will help pay towards the upkeep of the child Molly." said Narcissa.

Molly's head snapped round to look at Narcissa, before she could speak Harry began to talk. "No Mrs Malfoy, I have more than enough money to help with the upkeep. I couldn't have you pay anything."

"Potter let me get one thing straight, as my only grandchild.....for the for see able future," Narcissa winked at Bella, " So I will buy and pay for anything that I feel needs to be paid for. You and Bell should be saving, because I am sure that the two of you," she coughed in attempt to cover up a thought," will want to buy a house together and all that....but as I ponder on it I could pay for food and items such as that and you clothing and anything else." Bella smiled and then said, "Thank you mum, that sounds like a great plan." Then out of the blue, Snape suddenly began to talk. 

"I believe I might be able to help with another issue." All heads turned to look at Snape."Am I right in thinking that another issue that must be addressed is in fact hiding the pregnancy." Snape didn't wait for a response. "I am in fact in possession of a potion that would conceal your pregnancy to the eyes of those who are not informed. Belladonna you would drink this potion and then say the names of all the people you wish to know about the pregnancy, for example Narcissa and Harry. All those of whom you name would then be able to see you as in a few months time they would be able to see you with a bump. However those whom you do not name, so Draco and your father, they would see you at the state in which you drank the potion. They would not see your stomach growing because to them they would see your body as it is right now. The potion also only covers up what you wish to conceal, so for you it would be your stomach, so everything else remains the same. Once the names are outlined you must wave your wand and say, Celaverimus. Then once the child has been born and you have returned to a figure in which you teenage girls are pleased with.. you then say Ostendo, and this will reverse the potion." Snape waited for a response.

"Will Severus that sounds like the perfect solution," said Dumbledore nodding his head in approval. 

"Is it safe for the baby?" said Bella looking concerned,

"Perfectly safe." 

"Well then that seems to be it" boomed Dumbledore. All present nodded their heads and then turned to look at Bella and Harry. "This will not be easy you two." said Dumbledore.

"Belladonna and Harry, Professor Snape and I will be whom you will talk to here at Hogwarts if you have any problems in the next 9 months, and Bella I would like you to have a check up once a week down at the hospital wing." said McGonagall. 

"Of course I am here aswell." said Dumbledore, "We are all here for the three of you."

"Thank you all so such," said Bella and Harry in unison, "We really can't do any of this with out you all,"continued Harry. All the adults in the room then smiled and all began to leave, Snape being the first to leave. Narcissa and Sirius stood with Harry and Bella saying their goodbyes. "Now Bella I want you to call that might be safer, at least once a week, let me make that clearer AT LEAST once a week." Narcissa grinned and Bella began to chuckle softly. 

"Ok mum I will.....Thanks for being here, and well accepting all of this." Narcissa grabbed Bella and pulled her into a massive hug, "Bella never for a moment during the next few months think i dont care and I am not here for you ok, I love you and I will always be here for you." 

"Looks like this is goodbye again Harry," said Sirius, "Look after Bella ok, and stay safe, I will see you when I can, and Harry."


"I'm sure your parents would be proud of how well you are dealing with this and well...stepping up to the mark." Harry smiled and then hugged Sirius. "Thanks for not being too disappointed and all that." 

"Harry." Harry turned and looked at Narcissa, "Now you look after my two babies, and I will see you soon." Harry nodded and they all said their final goodbyes. Finally, they were alone. It had been a long day and Harry suggested that he and Bella went down to the river so they could be fully alone.

"Harry i'm sorry I didnt tell you straight away."

"It's fine Bell." 

"No, no it's not. you should have been the first to know, but I just got scared and I didnt know how you would take it."

"Bella really it's fine. I can understand how you were feeling, and look at us now. If you hadn't of gone to McGonagall you and I would probably still be talking about it and we would not have sorted anything out. Bell we can do this and I will be there with you every step of the way."

"I love you Harry Potter." Bella kissed Harry, 

"well you better, your having my baby." joked Harry and they both began to chuckle.

"I'm still worried though. What if Voldemort does find out?"

"He won't so I wouldn't worry. so in the meantime we should probably list the people and do the potion."


"The sooner the better." 

"I guess."

"So I was thinking: Dumbledore, McGonagall, Narcissa, Sirius, Snape, Madame Phomphrey, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Ethel, the Weasleys...anyone else?"

"The order?"

"Hmmmm I dont think they all need to see you, maybe just Sirius Bell."

"Yeah ok, that sounds like everyone. When are we going to tell, the others. I kinda want to do Ethel separately."

"Alright. Tomorrow? take the potion today tell them tomorrow?"

"sure." Bella and Harry kissed for a few moments and then went to Snapes office to take the potion.

"Are you ready Belladonna?" said Snape. 

"Hang on." Bella quickly found a bucket and threw up , and then with a smile on her face turned to Snape who had a horrified look on his face. "I think Im ready now." Bella said the names and then clearly pronounced "Celaverimus" 

"do you feel different?" asked Harry.

"No i feel, the same,"

"Please leave my office, the pair of you......" Bella and Harry looked at eachother and then Snape and then left his office.

"Right meet tomorrow at breakfast and tell everyone after." said Harry.

"Tomorrow." Bella then turned and made her way to the common room.

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