In the Blink of an Eye

How could he not remember? After everything we went through.


1. Chapter 1



 *Breanna's Pov*




I walked down the stairs of my house and said good morning to my mum and younger brother. As usual, my mom drove me to school everyday. I always thought that it was pathetic but I didn't mind it much now because it was almost my birthday in a month so i delt with it. She was cooking breakfast and was looking at some magazine. I then told her that if she wanted my brother to get to school on time that she had to leave now, so we left.

"Bye mum", i said to her as i walked away from the car. I was early to school because she was in a hurry to take my brother to school also. "Bye sweetie" she called to me as i walked away from the car. "Bye Evan!" i called back to my brother.

I had started 11th grade about 2 months ago and was well, not enjoying it that much. School has never been fun for me and neither has life lately. My parents split up about a year ago, so now my dad lives in California. I have a few friends that i know i can always count n but I've always had trouble with other "popular girls". I guess i have an average life then living a normal teenage life, living in Sydney, Australia. But i have never really considered myself as a special person. 

As i was walking to my locker i walked in the empty quad and i put my headphones on blasting the music in my ears. I was walking when i suddenly bumped into someone and all my stuff fell on the floor. "Shit" I said. I then looked up to see the most beautiful hazel green eyed boy. "oh I'm so sorry", he said. "no it was all my fault i didn't think i was going to bump into someone this early before school started". " here let me help you". I wasn't even paying attention to what he said i was to memorized by his soft dirty blond curls that fell upon his forehead " OH! Yea thanks" i said to him. We both stood up at the same time bumping each others heads together. I then rubbed as well as him. We both then started laughing. Then once we both stood up he said, "ill see you around i guess, umm I'm Ashton by the way". " Nice to meet you Ashton I'm Breanna.

I then walked off to my locker and got all the stuff i needed. As soon as i turned around my friend Haley started screeching, "Bree theres a party tonight at Brandon's house!!!! We gotta go please". "No Haley I told you i don't like going to those things, everyone ends up drunk and wasted". " Fine then youre gonna miss out on all the fun and be home alone on a friday night with your mummy."Fine!! Ill go" i said because Haley wouldn't stop nagging me about the stupid party anyways.


me and Haley walked up to our usual lunch spot along with Natalie and Lindsey, my two other good friends. We were all having a perfectly fine lunch when someone walked up to Haley and poorer their drink all over her "accidentally". Out of everybody it had to be Lexie along with her two bitches that no one even know there names.

"Oops, i didn't see u there" Lexie said. I was so done with her shit that i said," You know what Lexie watch where you're going next time maybe you should go to the eye doctor to check your vision". " Look who we've got here, Breanna how have you been i haven't seen you around" said Lexie. " oh cut the crap and leave" I said back to her.

After lunch i went to my last two periods with were art and study hall. When i walked into art i saw that mr. Riley had given us new seats and put our name tags where we were supposed to sit. I soon found my nam tag and then realized that i was sitting in front of that Ashton guy that i had bumped into earlier today, but he wasn't in class yet. He must be late i thought to myself. As soon as Mr. Riley started talking about the new project we were gonna be assigned, Ashton walked into the class with the vise principal. "Well class we have a new student joining us a little late this year, please welcome mr. Irwin ". as soon as he sat in front of me i started blushing from that wink he just gave me. All class i felt my cheeks get even more heated because of Ashton staring at me with a small smile on his face. 

After class i went home with Haley, Natalie, and Lindsey. Haley was the only one of the four of us that started driving so i went home with her to her house and we started getting ready for the party there.

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