Im crazy for you


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lyric p.o.v

"That will be $5.47 miss lyric"

The cashier said giving me my coffee.

"Thank you" I said taking it from him and leavening

I was on lunch brake at Starbucks, like always, the same thing, at the same place, at the same time. Nothing ever cool or different happens I wish something would happen.

My lunch brake is over and I walked back to my job that is a block way. I work at music shop in NYC. My dad is the owner there so I get free guitar, piano, and violin lessons, but I want to go back to dancing. I used to be a award wining dancer and I was a back up dancer for some people, like Justin Bieber, and litte mix and a lot more. But my dad said that was a wast of time and I should put my future into some thing different. Even tho, I have been dancing since I was 3. My mom died when I was 9. So, I kept dancing for a couple of years until I was 18, but right now I'm 21. My birth day was on the 23 of May.

I got to the store and as usual I walk up to the back of the store and up the stairs to my house. I waked dow the hallway and got to my door. I unlock the door and walk in side. I put my bag on the table and walk to my room. my room is covered in one direction posters. that's right I'm in love with one direction. I have loved them for four years and they are in NY .I have been saving up money for the passed 3 mouths and I have $1,929 now and I need $2,100 to get back stage passes and the ticket so I'm nearly halfway there.( A/N Que Liam's voice)

I walk over to my Ihome and put my phone in and put on little black dress. I stared dancing around my room doing one of my dances I did one year. I heard a knock on my door and turned off the music and opened it I was my best friend jade.

"OMG did you here the news" she said walking into my room

"No" I said closeing the door

"Louis broke Niall's guitar"

"Of corse Louis did" I said

"Let me finish" she said as I put my hands up in surrender "he needs a new guitar or he can't do the concert" she said walking around my room

"Why can't he just bye one"i said

"That's where you come in" she says siting next to me

"So, what are you saying"I said

"I'm saying He might come your shop" she said

At first we just sat there looking at each other but then we stared screaming at the top of are lungs. I wish that would happen, I wish with all my heart.

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