One Chance || l.s

Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Better known as One Direction. The hottest boyband loved all across the globe. But recently, the band have been going "downhill" when fan numbers drop and CD sales start to stop. Just when they think it's going to be the end of One Direction, the boys come up with an idea to hold auditions for one or two new members to join the band. Louis and Niall. The two boys who are massive fans of the band. When they hear the news, the boys decide to try out for themselves and achieve their own dreams. Will their idea work? What happens when things start to turn bad for the new member, Louis Tomlinson?


16. h|chapter 15

|Chapter 15




The next day turned out to be another chilled out day. The only hassle going around were some of the boys starting to pack their bags for their short trip home for Christmas. Since Niall wasn't use to being away from his family for long periods of time, like Harry, Zayn and Liam, he was ecstatic about visiting his family back in Doncaster.


Before, Louis would watch as Niall stuffed his bag with clothes and a few presents he bought, smiling and giving short responses to the ramble the Irish boy was having as he talked about going home. Niall didn't even give a moment for Louis to butt in, not that Louis really minded. He'd rather not talk about going home for Christmas.


Later in the day, the older boy was knocking on Harry's bedroom door, knowing fully this time that Kendall wasn't present. Louis waited until he heard a soft 'come in' before he opened the door to walk in.


Louis looked around the room, taking a proper look at everything that was there. It looked and felt as though it was just another teenage boy's bedroom, minus the size of the room. It was the same size as his, just much more filled with posters, guitars and a couple of shelves containing some of the awards the band had achieved. Louis could probably tell you when, where and why the boy's won each trophy. He didn't like to miss seeing the band win the awards, he loved when he got to see all three of them smile wide when they heard their names called. It made Louis feel a little proud too.


Louis took his gaze away from the walls, looking over to Harry who was laid out on his bed, phone in hand with a grin on his lips.


"Hey Hazza." Louis said happily, making his way over to Harry.


"Hey. You know, you can get quite graphic at times. Very descriptive. But you're actually a pretty good writer, Lou." Harry said, looking up at the Doncaster boy with a slight smirk.


Louis stopped suddenly in his steps, freezing in position. "What do you mean?"


"Niall told me how I could find that story you wrote, about you and I. It's quite interesting. Even cute at times."


Louis' face grew red with embarrassment, groaning and covering his glowing face as he sat down on Harry's bed. "Oh my god! I'm honestly going to kill him!"


Harry laughed, sitting up against the headboard. He switched off his phone after saving the story that he had been reading all night and day. It was honestly that good. But it's kind of a bad thing, considering that he's reading a story about him and his own band mate when he had a boyfriend himself. But, Kendall didn't need to know he was reading a.. slightly mature book about his best mate.


The shorter boy lied down, resting his head across Harry's lap. He sent a cheesy grin up at the green-eyed boy who was looked back down at him, smiling back. Harry's fingers moved to softly run through Louis' soft, wavy hair, making the older boy sigh in content.


"What are your plans for Christmas?" Louis asked.


"I'm leaving Christmas Eve and staying Christmas Day, because sadly we have work to do the day after." Harry gave a sad smile.


After the 'Up All Night Tour' and having to stay away from his family for a long period, Harry started to miss his mum's home cooked meals and his sister's teasing. He was always so close with his family and now not really having the time to be with them did make him a little sad, but he did what he could to talk to them constantly.


"What are you planning? I already know your family must miss you right now."


Louis gave a small smile. "They do. But.. I'm not going home for Christmas this year." He admitted quietly.


Harry's brows furrowed, questioning, "Why?"


"Because my dad's going to be there this year.." He sighed sadly. "We don't exactly have the best relationship. He can blame it on all the business trips if he wants, but we never really bonded well honestly... He was never really there when I was younger. Well, not until my sisters were born, but he only paid attention to them, not really noticing I was there. When I grew older he would be going on business trips every second weekend, and any time he was free he would spend with one of my sisters or out somewhere."


Louis explained so softly. He looked away from Harry, turning onto his side, curling more into the younger boy. He brought his finger up to Harry's shirt covered stomach, drawing mini doodles over the material, even a couple of little love hearts.


It was silent for a moment until Harry spoke up. "You can come home with me, if you'd like." He continued to run his long fingers between the boy's soft, wavy locks, noticing how it seemed to calm the boy just at the small touch.


Louis looked up towards Harry, a growing wide smile on his face.


"R-Really? I mean, I wouldn't want to be in the way of you spending time with your family."


"It's fine, Lou. Besides, it's about time you got to meet the family." Harry gave a lop-sided smile along with a short chuckle.


Louis couldn't help but imagine that sentence in a different way. You know, the 'I'm about to meet my boyfriend's parents for the first time, so I better make a good impression' kind of way.


And he kind of like the sound of that.


"So, am I allowed to continue reading your story?" Harry smirked.




It's finally Christmas Eve, which meant the boys were each saying their goodbyes and leaving one by one. Liam and Zayn had left just a moment ago, and Niall was just collecting up everything he needed to leave next.


Before the Irish lad left, he found his best friend sitting cross-legged on the large 'L' sofa. He ran up to the older boy, tackling him in a last goodbye hug.


"Goodbye birthday boy!" Niall exclaimed, pressing a kiss to Louis' cheek, making the boy laugh. It wasn't weird to do things like that with each other, they were use to it by now, being so close. "I promise to bring you back a present, just haven't found the right one yet."


Louis rolled his eyes playfully as he pulled away from the embrace. "Whatever you say Nialler. Make sure you say hi to your mum and dad for me!" He called out to Niall as the happy boy skipped to the front door.


"Will do!"


While Harry was finishing to pack last minute things, Louis continued to wait on the sofa, looking down at the paper plane pendant once again with a smile. Wearing it everyday has made him the little bit stronger each second. Harry's words always over powered those that were trying to hurt him. Harry's voice would always speak louder in his mind. He didn't even want to imagine what it would be like if Harry wasn't there with him through all this.


Harry descended the staircase, bag in hand, and walked over to the archway of the lounge room to find Louis. He leaned his side against the arch, seeming to get lost for a moment as he watched Louis gaze at his necklace. It made Harry a little giddy inside knowing that a simple necklace of his seemed to have such an affect on the boy. He smiled at the feeling.


"You ready?" Harry asked softly, not to startle the older boy.


Louis looked up at Harry with an excited grin, jumping up to his feet and grabbing up his bag as he walked over to the taller boy, a small skip in his step. "Yep!"




Soft music filled the warm car as Harry drove the long way to his home town. Louis ended up falling asleep after two long hours. He was curled up in the front seat with Harry's large, warm coat covering him, softly snoring. Harry did sneak a few glaces to the boy beside him, finding him cute in a way. 


But, friendly cute of course. Nothing more.


Harry parked the car once he was finally there, turning to the sleeping figure and shaking him slighty to wake him up.


"Louis. Lou.. wake up. We're here." Harry spoke softly, watching the boy slowly flutter his eyes open and let out a yawn, before looking up to him.


"Hey.." Louis said tiredly, smiling up at Harry. He took a look out the windows, furrowing his brows in confusion when he didn't see any sight of a house. Just a massive patch of green grass.


Harry stepped out of the car, Louis following. He looked at his surroundings, still just as confused as to why they were here. "Where are we?" Louis questions, standing next to Harry.


"Well, in your story it mentioned that there was a big field near where I lived that I would always come to. And surprisingly that's actually true! Here it is." Harry stretched out his arms, gesturing to the field before them. "I just thought the author should visit his own setting." He smiled down at Louis, starting to walk out to the open area.


"Wow... I mean, that's a bit creepy of me. I swear I'm not a stalker! I knew nothing about this place before now!" Louis laughed, catching up to the curly head boy.


There was hardly any snow around them surprisingly, but it was still cold enough to make both boys pull their coats tighter around their bodies.


Harry sighed happily, smiling at his surroundings. "Nothing's changed since last time I came here."


"It's beautiful here. Peaceful.."


"Wait!" Harry suddenly exclaimed, pulling out his phone.




Harry backed up a little, holding his phone up at Louis. "Smile!"


Louis did as he said, putting on a big smile as he waited for Harry to take the picture he wanted. Once he did, the green-eyed boy stood back next to Louis, editing his photo to be black and white and captioning it, 'field.', before posting it to his Instagram.


The boys continued on.


"I've never taken anyone here before. It was always my getaway place. Whenever I came home, for just a day even, I would spend some time here to kind of, just truly realize how much my life has changed, but how I haven't changed myself."


Louis couldn't help but feel like there was more meaning to the words Harry was saying, but he couldn't pinpoint the exact message.


It was silent between them, no one saying anything for a while.


To lighten up the mood, Harry spotted the small forest of trees up ahead, a cheeky smile on his lips as a thought came to mind.


"Why don't we make this part of your fan fiction somewhat of a reality?" Harry suggested, standing in front of the shorter boy, who looked at him with a cocked head and slight confusion, yet a little intrigued. "Wait twenty seconds, and then come find me!" The younger boy yelled, quoting what Louis wrote in his story, running towards the trees.


Louis laughed in disbelief. Was he really about to play hide and seek with this man-child? Sure, he did actually write about Harry and himself playing hide and seek, but he didn't think the boy would actually do something like that. He counted anyway.


"18... 19... 20!" Louis finished counting, walking into the forest. He looked around the many trees surrounding him, searching for the hiding boy. The ground was wet and sticks snapped underneath his sneakers.


"Oh Harry. Come out, come out, wherever you are." Louis listened closely, not hearing anything. Harry was serious about hiding.


Louis continued to walk through the forest, checking around every tree trunk and every rock, not finding the childish boy anywhere. How many places could you hide in a forest?


Suddenly as he took one more step, it wasn't on flat ground, but into a small ditch formed in the dirt, causing him to tumble down into it. He let out a yelp, closing his eyes in fear, waiting for the hard landing.


Except it wasn't a hard landing, but a soft one.


He opened his eyes wearily, hoping it wasn't anything bad he landed on. But to his surprise, he found Harry underneath him, groaning slightly, but he was smiling.


"Oh, found you." Louis said, laughing softly.


Silence fell over the two. Neither made an effort to move away from the other, not that they wanted to.


Subconsciously, Harry moved his hands to wrap around Louis' small waist, holding the boy closer to his chest. Their faces moved slightly closer, their noses almost touching.


Even if they tried, it would be impossible to pull their faces away from each other's because of how close they were held together. They could feel the warm brush of their breaths on their lips. The heat warmed their skin.


Their eyes never broke contact. Louis' ocean blue eyes stayed locked in Harry's emerald green pools, almost like he was in a trance. A trance that he never wanted to get out of.


The only time they weren't staring into the hypnotizing colours of each others eyes, was when they stole a quick glance to the other boy's pink lips, only to snap their gazes back to their eyes.


Harry couldn't deny that Louis was beautiful, because he was, but he cannot be having thought's like that. He was lucky enough to have his own amazing boyfriend already. Louis was just his friend, and he didn't want to think any more of it. If he didn't want to get in trouble that is.


"Why do we always end up like this?" Harry whispered. His finger tips drew small comforting circles on the small of Louis' back. He swore he felt a small shiver from the boy above him.


"I don't know."


But I love it when we do... Louis thought to himself.


Hello lovely readers!  
Hope you liked this chapter. I did, because of all the Larry :) Next chapter is also Larry filled!
QUESTION!: Do you guys mind if I mention a few things that didn't happen at the time of this book? For example, Harry's manbuns, tattoos, other things that happened not in 2012/13.
It is my story and I'll probably do it anyway, but I just want to know :)
So, thought's on Zayn's hair and nose piercing?

Love you all, chloe xx

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