Big Brother.

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4. Ch.4

"So Where's Calum?" Michael asked as we headed to the practice room...
"How should I know?" Luke replied with a bit of sass. 
Ashton opened the door to the practice room...
I said a little to excited...
"Haha yeahh? You like punk/rock/pop music?" Luke asked smiling... "Pfft! Are you serious? It's my life!" I said giggling at the end.. "Little asshole met blink-182 and GreenDay" Michael said sounding annoyed in a sarcastic way. Ashton dropped his drum sticks like if he'd seen a ghost or something. "Nuhh uhh!!!" He yelled, not believing Michael.
"It's true!" I said showing them my screensaver of me and blink-182... "Damn!" He said with a pouty face. 
 "IM HERE! IM HERE!" We heard someone yelling and running as they came towards the practice room. The door swung open almost nocking Luke down. "Watch it punk!" Luke said sarcastically... "Tough crow-" he stop talking as he laid eyes on me. 
"Jaycee meet Calum our Bassist"  
"Calum, this is Jaycee, Michaels sister"
Ashton said while Luke was waving his hands in front of Calum's face. "H...h..hi" he said reaching his hand slowly towards me.  

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