The drummer


11. hot coco

It was then the next day you woke up when you heard a knock on your bedroom door you get up to answer it "morning beautiful" ashton said as he was handing you a cup of hot coco "thanks ash what happend with you and Luke" you asked as you didn't really remember much from last night

"It's fine we are good don't worry so what are you doing today" ash asked as you looked confused "what do you mean it's school isn't it" you didn't understand you thought it was a school day

"Yeah it is a school day but me and Luke convinced your mum to let's you have a day off and we are going to Michael's house for a BBQ" ash said with a big smile on his face

"Okay then Urm let's go but I don't know what to wear" you start to stress you want to look nice since Michael is Ashton's close friend and you want to look nice

You look over and see ashton laughing "what are you laughing at" you snap

"Nothing it's not till tonight so rest that's why I brought you the hot coco" ash says

"Oh Urm sorry" you say as you go bright red with embarrassment "haha you look like a tomarto" ash says as he laughs

You get back in bed with your drink and play on your phone "what are you doing then" you ask ashton

"Luke asked me to play some video games with him so I'll just be in the other room" ash says as he kisses your forehead and leaves your room

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