5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


16. Grocery Shopping with Michael

(This chapter is shitty I know sorry)

(Quick question, what do you think about the cover? Should I change it?)

Grocery shopping with Michael.


'Babe, take my beanie.' Your boyfriend, Michael said, taking it off his head and placing on your head, while walking.

'Aw thanks, I had to have a bad hair day today.' You said, opening the supermarket doors and playing with the Pokemon beanie on your head.

'Michael can you- oh.' You mumbled, to see Michael had ran away.

You sighed and grabbed a trolley and started at the cold and dairy section.

You grabbed a few things before Michael came back with a bunch of different chips, chocolate and lollies. He dumped them in the trolley and smiled a cheeky smile.

'Fine.' You said, smiling. You couldn't resist saying no to him.

You began walking again as Michael, being his weird self, took out his phone and started recording.

'And as you can see, Y/N is in her natural habitat, the yogurt section.' Michael said, pointing is camera toward you grabbing a strawberry yogurt.

You looked at the camera and smiled, deciding to go along with it.

'And here is the cheese,' Michael said, pointing the camera yet again towards the food.


'Well,' You started while grabbing a block of cheese.

'I do.' You smiled at his frown. You walked towards the other sections.

'And that is how she is gonna she it at our wedding.' He laughed while grabbing a container of biscuits.

'In your dreams.' You mumbled while walking along.

He stopped the video and continued with the rest of the shopping.

When you reached the check out, Michael stood there watching you unload everything.

'Gonna help?' You asked. He tried to keep a straight face but failed, smiling.

'K.' He answered. You laughed and pushed the trolley to the side.

He picked up a Mars Bar (I fucking love mars bars) and looked at you while pouting.

'Plwease?' He asked. You shook your head, seeing the lady scanning your stuff smiling.

'All I wanted was a normal boyfriend.' The lady laughed and smiled.

'But okay.' He smiled like a five year old on Christmas and put in on the tray. (IDK WHAT YOU CALL THEM GOD HELP)

'$30.59 thanks.' The lady said. You turned your head and nodded.

'Money?' You asked, holding out your hand and smiling. He sighed and grabbed a two twenty a out of his pocket.

'He's a keeper.' She whispered. You laughed smiled and paid while Michael took all the bags in his hands.

'See ya.' You smiled after paying. You walked out the doors and Michael whined.

'HELP ME.' He yelled, pouting.

'Almost there.' You smiled and took two bags to help.

'Love ya babe.' He said, kissing your cheek. You smiled and returned it.

'Love ya too.'

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