On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


11. Thigh Gaps


I woke up in my own bed with my dress still on, I looked around to make sure I was in the hotel like I had thought I was last night. When I seen the blonde hair sticking up from the blankets I smiled and rolled over to look at him. "Pst" I giggled. "Niall." I whispered. I slowly got up whenever I realized he was still sleeping and got in the shower.

It felt good to wash all the stress away and just breathe in the steam of the hot water. I washed my hair and face and got out, drying my hair as best I could with the towel and walking out to get a pair of sweats. I walked back to the bathroom with my clothes and put them on, throwing my wet hair into a bun and walked out of the room.

I went downstairs and enjoyed the breakfast the hotel has, you can even make your own waffles. I smiled as the fresh fruit and syrup poured over the waffles and I grabbed a glass of orange juice. I sat down and texted my aunt, 'I'm here, I'm okay.' I said and put my phone down.

After I finished the waffles I filled a bowl with fruit and downed them. I could live off of fruit, there's hardly any veggies or fruit that I don't like.

My eyes darted up to the hall boy walking in, his hair a mess of brown moppy curls and he scratched the back of his head. I wanted to laugh at the fact he walked right by me. He turned around, looking for a place to sit after he piled a plate with food and then we made eye contact.

I wave a little sarcastic wave and he sat down across from me. His hands going under his chin as he stared at me, almost in disbelief, which made me burst out laughing.

"You're back?" He finally says.

"Yup." I say as I try to calm down. Two of the other boys walk down and once Louis notices me he runs over. I wasn't excepting to be squeezed and pulled out of my seat. 

"Braelynn!" He screamed in my ear and I laughed. Zayn turned around and looked at me before looking around the room, he squinted his eyes at me and I cocked an eyebrow at him. I followed his eyes whenever I noticed a blonde hair furby walk in the room, it wasn't until Zayn winked at me that I realized he knew.

"Braelynn's back." Zayn said to him and I waved at Niall, swallowing my juice.

"Oh shit, hey!" Niall said, playing dumb very well.

"What's up?" I ask and he just shrugs. "Liam!" I screamed and got up from my chair, hugging him and having him hug back.

"I swear I was sure you weren't going to come back." He said and held me tight. "You can make your own waffles!" I told him and pulled him over to the waffle maker.


Hours later I was dressed for the fashion show and ready to go. I had a sleek black dress that flows out at the bottom and had long sleeves that stopped at my elbows. The neck line was in a low cut V that had black lace covering up my cleavage a little bit. I slipped on my Converses and grabbed a jacket just in case, Niall stepped out of the bathroom trying to figure out his tie.

I walked over and helped him, my hands going around his neck and fixing his collar before tying his tie. "You look beautiful." He whispered to me and I smiled, looking at him with one eye closed.

"You look very handsome." I said and touched his nose. He was wearing a white shirt with a black tie and black dress pants, everything about this boy drove me fucking nuts. "Ready?" I asked and he nodded his head. We met up with the rest of the boys in the hallway and we went on our way to the car. Niall and sat next to each other, his hand secretly turning me on.

"What do we do after this?" I asked and Liam laughed a little.

"After parties." He winked and I nodded my head. I relaxed into Niall's arm that was around me, we claimed that the seat was small for us so we have to have him out his arm around me.

Zayn looked back at us whenever we were explained and smirked, devilish little shit. We pulled up to the venue for the fashion show and my heart started beating, I've never done this before. "This has never happened to me, please don't leave me." I whispered to Niall whenever we got out of the car.

He leaned in close to me, "I'd never leave you." He said and stood back up straight, my cheeks flushed. I smiled like an idiot and walked in behind him threw a back door. "This is Braelynn, she's on tour with us." Liam said as he introduced me to one the fashion designers.

I shook his hand and smiled, asking how they were. I looked around, looking at the pieces of art and all the models. I turned to look behind me and seen Niall watching on the models, her body was prefect, thigh gap, flat stomach and a nice sculpted face. He was talking to her and she laughed at something he said, grabbing his arm as if she was going to fall over from laughing so hard.

My blood boiled but I just turned around, my feelings are slightly hurt but what can I do? So I walked further until it was time to go sit for the show. I sat in between Zayn and Louis, Niall giving me a weird look but I pretended not to notice.

"'Mad at Niall?" Zayn whispered as he leaned over to me. I nodded my head, my eyes not looking at him or anyone really. "Why?" He asked and the model that Niall was getting close with walked the stage, I stared at her, sending her daggers. I looked over at Niall to see him clapping for her, his tongue licking the corner of his mouth, the look his gives me whenever he wants me. "Oh." Zayn says with a small laugh.

"What does she have that I don't?" I asked Zayn. "Like I mean obviously the body, but I thought he liked thick..." I looked down at my legs, not at all even close to where's hers are. I put my hand over my stomach, don't get me wrong, I'm very fit.

But that's just the problem, she's fit as in skinny and flawless. I'm fit as in goes to the gym and had thick, muscle everything. I put my head back as I watched him watch her with eyes taking in every part of her almost naked body. My teeth started to grind and I huffed, "I knew there was something between you two." Zayn teases.

"Please don't tell anyone.." I begged and he told me I had his word.

After almost an hour of this chick walking up and down in a new outfit and watching Niall eye her like he hasn't eaten in ages, I get up and walk away.

Zayn tries to grab my hand but I swat it away, my feelings are too hurt at this moment and I just take off, heading for the bathrooms. My name is being called from behind and I know his accent like I know my own name, Niall was running after me so I picked up my pace.

I ran into the bathroom, slamming it and locking the door. He knocked on it, "Braelynn, come on. I'm sorry, just tell me what I did." He says threw th door but I just stand back, looking in the mirror.

I thought I looked Okay, I mean I worked hard to look like this and now it all seems worthless. I sit in the bathroom for hours just looking at myself and crying. I heard Liam's voice outside the door telling me it's time to go home, I step out after cleaning my makeup off and walk in front of all of them. I sit in the passenger side so none of them can sit beside me and I'm the first one out of the car whenever we stop.

I march up to my room and slide my keycard in the pad, throwing it on the bed whenever I walk in and going straight to the bathroom. "Braelynn, hey!" He says whenever he's too late to catch the door. I look at myself and take my dress off, folding it on the counter and taking my shoes off. I look around for something to wear and I find Niall's shirt.

I slip it in and listen as he gets angry with me. "Open the door so we can talk! How do you expect anything to work if you don't wanna talk to me?!" He shouts at me. But I ignore him and start brushing my teeth. What he doesn't understand is that I did this for years whenever my dad was around, I could sit here all night.

I rinse my mouth out and finally opened the door whenever I noticed he had backed off a little. He was up off the bed in seconds and grabbing me, pulling me into the bathroom. I pushed his hands off me everywhere he touched, feeling completely disgusted with myself.

"What's wrong, you need to tell me." He lifts me up on to the counter and stands close, our foreheads touching each other's and I turn away. "Bab-"

"Don't you baby me!" I said and shoved him off me. I'm very patient person, but whenever I get mad, run. "You know what you did!" I screamed and he looked at me confused. "Why don't you just go to her! You seem to be eyeing her all fucking night! You don't even want me, I'm just here so you can daydream about her while you're with me!" And then my voice cracked, I felt helpless honestly. I've never felt more humiliated in my whole life.

"What are you talking about?" He asked kind of angry-like. "What in the fuck are talk'in about?!" His accent is deep right now, meaning he's totally pissed. "Think'in about who, exactly? Hmm, the only person I was looking at during the show was you!" He screamed at me and started pacing.

"Really? Because she surely liked your arms, 'oh Niall, hold me, you're so funny I'm going to fall over.'" I mimicked her and touched his arm like she did. "Oh please, Niall! You know what you fucking did, you were eyeing her all night! Every time she walked up and down the runway your pants got tighter you fucking idiot!" I screamed at him and got down off the counter and walked out into the room.

He grabbed my arm, spinning me around. "I was looking because I was imagining you in that lingerie!" I looked at him before I started laughing.

"Do you think I'm stupid?!" I screamed at him, pointing to my head like a psycho. "You wish you were with her instead of me, because she's got nice thighs and a flat, toned stomach! Fuck you!" I spat at him and pulled at my hair.

"Are you serious?" His voice became soft and my back turned to him, my hands still pulling at my hair as tears burned my face. "Braelynn, are you serious?" He touches my shoulder and I turn around, he pulls me close and puts my head in his chest. My hands go in front of me and cling on to his shirt. "That's what this about? You think I like skinny twig like that?"

I nodded my head, my whole body just shuttering from adrenaline. "Baby look at me." He got down on his knees to get a good look at my face. His hands cupped my cheeks and I closed my eyes as he tried to stop the tears with his hands. "Hey, stop crying." He was face-to-face with me now because he reduced his height and I looked at him.

"I feel so disgusting..." I explained. "You were looking at her like she was the first meal you've had in years!" I almost screamed. He hugged Me, my hands going around his neck and pulling him close to me.

"No no, look at you." He stood back from me, his hands placing themselves in the side of my waist. "Curves baby, curves." He whispered and slowly dropped his hands to my hips and then thighs. "I like to have something to hold on to and grab at and not be scared that I'm going to break you. You're not fat, not at all!" He exclaimed and grabbed my face, planting kisses all over it.

I sobbed out and kissed his lips, "you're everything I've always wanted in a women. Amazing talent, on stage and in bed. Nice thick body and a wicked personality. I love that you stand up for yourself and I love that you don't let anyone walk all over you." I smiled and he got up off the floor. I walked over behind him and got in bed with him, "no one has ever looked so good in my t shirt as you." He kissed my temple before falling asleep.

HEEEEY I just wanted to thank all of you for the AMAZING feedback! You people are the reason why I keep writing and why it feels so worth it to share my ideas! I love all of you, you're completely amazing & I've never felt so blessed before! Xxbella

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