Staying sober

Charli is a strict sober companion, and her next client is Luke Hemmings from the famous band 5 Seconds of summer. Luke doesn't like Charli very much at first, and Charli doesn't care because Luke is just another client, or is he?


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8:

I woke up to the sound of a huge bump, I hurried up and went into Luke’s room. He was lying on the floor, tangled in his duvet, his hair was flat and messy, and his eyes were confused and droopy.

I couldn’t help but smile and sat down next to him “Luke, are you okay?” I asked, and started to help him untangle “yeah” he groaned, and sat up “I just got entangled in my duvet” I laughed, “I’m sorry” I said, still laughing, Luke looked at me, I could feel my face heating up, luckily it was pretty dark in the room, we looked at each other for a while, Luke started to laugh with me. “I should go take a shower” I whispered after a while, and walked out of the room.

When I was done showering I got dressed, today I was going to wear a light blue shirt tugged into a black skirt, and black tights.

I went downstairs to find Luke in the couch, it seemed like the accident this morning had made it less awkward for us. “Hi” he said, when he saw me, “what are you watching?” I asked, and sat down next to him, “nothing” he answered, zapping through the channels. “Wanna go shopping?” I asked after he had searched through all of the channels, “Now?” he asked.

I nodded “sure, I just have to get dressed, give me 10 minutes” I knew by then, that 10 minutes meant 20 minutes.

When Luke was finally done, after 25 minutes, we drove to the nearest grocery store, which was ‘Woolworths’.

“Do we need this?” I held up some pasta, “nah, I’m getting tired of it” I nodded agreeing, we were in the middle of Woolworths, our cart was already half filled, “are we done?” Luke asked.

I nodded, “I think so” we proceeded down the aisle, Luke made a stop at the magazines, I looked at them as well. Luke took a magazine from a shelf and started reading, his eyes widened.

I looked over his shoulder, my heart started beating faster ‘Luke Hemmings at an AA-meeting?’ the headline read, there was a picture of me and Luke with the wigs on, “oh god no” he said, I could see the horror in his eyes, he ran his hand through his hair, I could feel that he was starting to panic, an old lady looked at him weirdly “it’s going to be okay, we’ll figure something out, okay?” I said trying to calm him down. I took the magazine out of his hands, and slipped it into the cart.

We had to find a way to stop this rumor.

When we got home, I started reading the magazine, ‘Luke Hemmings, 18, was spotted with a red wig on outside of where a AA meeting took place, is Luke doing drugs? And who is his blonde friend?’ on neither of the pictures could they see my face. I read the article again and again. I had to come up with something.  

Around dinner time I came up with something, I ran up to Luke’s room, “Luke I thought of something” Luke looked at me his eyes were puffy, it looked like he had been crying, “what?” he asked and looked at me confused “you can say that you were helping a friend, the paparazzi’s, didn’t see my face, and they think I’m blonde, blame it on her, say that you were helping her, well me, but not me, make up a character, who is me.” Luke looked at me, he thought about it, and then he started smiling “you’d do that for me?” he whispered, I started realizing how close we were, I was only a few inches away from his “of course, I’d do anything for you” I whispered back, I cleared my throat  “and, I think there’s a chance of you relapsing if your fans found out” I quickly added, Luke nodded “of course, thank you” Luke found his phone on the bed, I found mine as well, and went on twitter, there was a world trending tag called ‘#HelpLuke’  Luke sighed. His fans was surprisingly supporting, and tried to help him, his band members had tweeted that it was just a rumor, and that they would have noticed if he was addicted, which I found really ironic.

“What should I tweet?” Luke asked after he had gone through the tag for a while, I shrugged, “I’m just helping a friend?” Luke nodded, and started typing, this wasn't really a bulletproof plan, but hopefully the fans would support his lie.

After dinner saw we another movie, neither of us really saw the movie, Luke was too nervous, he kept looking at his phone, twitter was going crazy.

“I don’t think it’s healthy to go through twitter right now” I said after he had looked at the screen for the 10th time since we started watching the movie. He handed me his phone, “then you’ll do it, I have to know what’s going on” I considered it for a while and accepted his phone.

His feed was filled with fans worrying about him, and haters saying that it ‘was about time’ I wasn’t sure what they meant by that, but I knew that it wasn’t okay. It made me realize how crazy some people could be. I tweeted a couple of fans that asked if Luke was okay, that he was fine.

I scrolled through twitter for a while, and kept Luke updated, “it looks like they believe us” Luke sighed relieved.

I went on to his profile, I had answered 3 people, who were now freaking out about that Luke had responded them, which I found really cute. The last thing that he had done was a q&a, a fan had asked him what the youngest he would date was, he had answered 13, I looked at him in disbelief.

“Could you really date a fan though?” I asked, the end credits was playing now, “I don’t know, maybe, not if she knows more about me than I do, besides aren’t you a fan?” I laughed, and turned the TV off “are you saying that you would date me?” Luke looked at me realizing what he had said, “no, I mean you’re nice, but you’re not me type” I frowned, “oh” I said, “you’re not my type either” Luke looked disappointed for a second, but then started smiling again, “and no I’m not a fan, I haven’t really listened to your music” I said changing the subject , “you should, we’re pretty good” I laughed and pushed him playfully.

“Your fans seem nice” I said after I had read another tweet from one of them, “they are, we’re lucky” I smiled, “I bet” I looked back on the TV screen, it was pitch black. I glanced back at Luke, who was looking at my phone, I grabbed it out of his hands, he looked up, I was only a few millimeters away from Luke. I could feel his warm buddy almost touching mine. “thanks for what you did tonight, it meant a lot” his mouth was only centimeters away from mine, “you’re welcome” I whispered,

Luke leaned in closer, I quickly pulled away, “Goodnight Luke” I didn’t even wait for him to respond, I just hurried upstairs.

I was shocked and couldn’t comprehend what had happened, did Luke like me? I brushed my teeth, and went to bed, had I been sending Luke the wrong signals? Maybe it was about time to tell him about Gabe.

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