The Hunt

The Hunt is on. Will you be a part of it?


1. The Hunt


        I run all day, but I can never seem to escape. There is muffled breathing behind almost every tree I approach; I know they have a gun, so I bolt in the opposite direction of those  spine-tingling sounds. I think I found the perfect hiding spot for now, but who knows? As night falls, I just barely peek out from within my cover, and I see the one's of my kind who are bold enough to stand in the open. I am about to come out myself when BANG; he plummets stone dead in front of me. I tuck back down into my hole, but just because I cannot see them, does not mean that I cannot hear them as they heave his corpse onto their shoulders and across the ground to place him in their body transportation system. This killing is odd because they do not usually hunt at night. Unfortunately, this warns my kind that that horrible, gruesome day is creeping up just around the corner. My life carries on in this fear for several more days and nights. During this time I almost starve but manage to find the occasional plump insect lodged away in the odd tree.

       And exactly like last year, one day they just stop coming. Why this is my kind knows all too well: that day is now behind us, and our brothers and sisters carcases are being feasted upon. But, sadly our grieving period is not permitted to last forever. Those of us who are lucky enough to have survived conjoin in the center of the forest. A body count is taken. We are down thirteen as a malevolent result of The Hunt. At least the wreckage from this attack is not as bad as last year; last year we lost twenty-five of us to The Hunt; one quarter of our population was annihilated! We know they will return to collect around the same maddeningly-anticipated time next year, and we will have to evade for our lives once more. Some idiot just had to start the tradition of eating turkey for Thanksgiving dinner!

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