An Irish Christmas (a Niall Horan Christmas fanfic)

Niall take his girlfriend Josie and their toddler daughter Brittney to Mullingar to visit his dad for Christmas. When they get there, Mr. Horan tells Niall he'd invited his ex, Amy, because he'd thought Niall was still single. A feud heats up between Josie and Amy. What happens when Josie finds Niall and Amy kissing underneath the mistletoe?


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7


Niall’s POV


I looked to see who the gunman was and realized it was Amy.  “Amy, you arsehole!  That was my WIFE you just shot!” I yelled.


“She doesn’t deserve to be your wife!  I do!” Amy countered.


I balled up my fist and punched her square in the face, and she fell backwards.  Then, I called the cops and an ambulance.


Both the cops and the ambulance came quickly.  As the paramedics carried Josie away, a cop came over to me for questioning.


“What seems to be the problem, mate?” the cop asked.


“This bitch shot my wife!” I yelled, pointing at Amy.  “I was giving my bride her kiss, and she was shot.”


Amy sat up.  “He shouldn’t have married that jerk!  I shot her for her own good!”


“Well, you can tell that to the judge, mate,” the cop said to Amy.  “You’re coming downtown.”  With that, the cop handcuffed Amy and dragged her away.  The rest of us got into our cars and headed for the hospital.




Once we were in the hospital waiting area, I finally broke down and cried.  It had finally sunk in that I may not see Josie ever again.


“Daddy, why are you crying?” Brittney asked.


“Because your mum’s been shot,” I answered.


“Why?” Lindsey asked.


“I can’t explain, love.  You just wouldn’t get it.”


I spent the next two hours looking at my watch as the time passed by slowly.


Finally, after two hours, a doctor showed up.  “Hello, mates,” he said.  “I’m Dr. O’Shea.  I see you’re all dressed up.”


“We just came from a wedding,” I explained.  “Please tell me my wife’s okay!  I just married her!”


“I’m afraid she’s not,” Dr. O’Shea said.  “She’s been shot in the side, and the bullet hit a major artery.  She may not make it.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Brittney wailed.


“It means they think she’s dead, love,” Harry said.


Brittney burst into tears.


Liam smacked Harry upside the head.  “Harry!  She’s only three!”


“Is this too much for you, love?” Dad asked Brittney.


Brittney nodded.  “I wanna go home!”


“Come on, I’ll take you home.”


Dad, Greg, and Tina left with the girls and Niall Jr. to take them home.


“Can I see Josie?”


“Yes, you may,” Dr. O’Shea said.  “She’s in the ICU.”


Josie’s parents, the lads, and I followed Dr. O’Shea to Josie’s room.  I knocked on the door.




Josie’s POV


I was asleep due to being jacked up on drugs when I heard a knock at the door.  “Come in,” I said weakly.


In came my parents, Niall, and the rest of One Direction.


“Hi, sweetie,” Daddy said.  “How are you feeling?”


“Well, I feel like I’m dying,” I replied.  “Who shot me?”


“Amy did it,” Niall said.  “I’m so sorry.  I had no idea she had the balls to crash the wedding!  I don’t want you to die!  We’ve only been married for two hours!”


“Did she get arrested?”


“Yes, she did.”  Niall started to cry.


“I won’t die, baby.  Don’t cry.  Can you calm down enough to sing ‘Little Things’ for me?”


“Sure.”  Niall took a tissue and blew his nose before the guys started the song.


At the end of the song, which was beautiful, each of the guys kissed me on the forehead before they left.




For the next couple weeks, Niall visited me with the kids every day and kept encouraging me to stay strong.  Eventually, I started to feel better and better.  A week after I was admitted, I was able to be moved to a regular hospital room.


A week after that, I was finally discharged from the hospital.  Niall had promised me we’d have the wedding reception as soon as I got out.  Tina took me shopping for a new dress for the occasion, since my old one was stained with blood and cut in half by the EMTs.  We happened to find one that was the same size and style as the other one.


“Wow,” Niall said when he saw me in the dress.  “You look even more beautiful than before!”

I giggled.  “Thanks, honey,” I said.


“Well, let’s get this reception started!  Hit it, boys!”


Zayn kicked off “Little Things” with the first verse, and Niall and I started slow dancing to it.  He was careful in touching my right side, as it was still sore.


After the dance, we all had cake.  Well, except for Niall Jr., who had to settle for strained carrots.  Anyways, after Niall and I stuffed each other’s faces with cake, we shared a nice, long kiss.

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