"Remember. If you die in this dream you die in reality" he says.

This is a story about a girl and a dream that becomes too real.


2. who to tell?

   "We're going to dinner,coming?" asks James. By "we" he means him and his 3 best friends that have crushes on me going to Burger king. "NO! I'm going to Christina's" I lie. "SHE SAID NO!" He yells down the hall. His friends sigh. I roll my eyes and go into my tablet. 'i guess I could go to christina's . I open Twitter and DM her . "Can I come over?"  I lay down on my bed and wait for a reply. I look at my wrist and try to rub it off. Not coming off. I close my eyes. For a split  second I see Freddy. I open my eyes again and see Freddy on my ceiling. Crawling towards me. I blink again and he's gone. Freddy.  He has slicked back hair and the ends are spiked back 6 inches behind him. His hair is orange with the front part black. His eye sockets are dead and black and empty. His nails are black. He scares me. My tablet beeps. It's a message. "My mom says yeah but only for 3 hours" it reads. That's more than enough time to tell her about Freddy.

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