"Remember. If you die in this dream you die in reality" he says.

This is a story about a girl and a dream that becomes too real.


1. Would you like to accept Freddy?

               "You look so perfect standing there In my American apparel underwear" I sing along with my 5SOS CD. My tablet beeps. It's a message. From James "Hi 😁" he says. I scroll through. I don't really like James. He's my adopted brother. Another message. "It's Christina" I cheer. It says "Hey! Coming over tomorrow?😝" I reply saying yes and then check my notifications.

There is a new game available. 'Why not' I think. "Hide and seek or die" I read aloud. I look through the pictures of the game. There is a map, a guy named Dave that is a weird alien, Stan a strange zombie and Freddy a ghost thing. I buy it. Free. I open it once it downloads. It has a warning. I don't read it. Who does. 'Select the one you'll seek' it says. I click Freddy. I think he looks cool. Then I feel like needles are stabbing into my wrist. I scream out in pain. I look at my wrist to see what caused the pain. I now have a tattoo, or so it looks like. It says "Freddy"

"Megan" a voice yells. I open my eyes.I must have been sleeping. Dreaming. "Whats that, a tattoo?" Says the voice. I look up. It's James. My 13 year old adopted little brother. He is 4 years younger than me. I look down. It's my tablet open to notifications. I guess I fell asleep before buying that game. I look at my wrist. "Freddy" I say slightly in fear "Boyfriend?" James asks. "No, I'm a single Pringle" I say still staring at my wrist. "Freddy" I repeat.

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