The potato boy



1. chapter 1

it was my was my first day at school i was so scared and i was crying on mom's shoulder and telling mom "pleas don't leave me alone here i'll miss you" she said to me with a smile on her face "don't worry babe i'm gonna come and take you in few hours ok "

me:no it's not ok

then i felt a tab on my shoulder when i turned around i saw a boy with blond hair and amazing blue/green eyes i couldn't see his whole face cause he was wearing what it looks like cape

the boy: don't worry little girl i'll protect you from everything ma'm i assure that your daughter is in a safe hands i'm the potato boy and i'll be her superhero that saves her when ever she needs him

mom: see he'll protect you now can i go

i looked at the boy and he gave me the most beautiful smile in the wold then i turned around at mom and told her to go she went to he car and watched her drive away

the potato boy: so what's your name my lady

me : umm my name is Angel

the potato boy: well that's a pretty name for a beautiful girl

me: thank you you're such a gentleman umm what's your name

the potato boy: potato boy is my name i don't have another

me: OK potato boy

then while we were talking an annoying kid came and started to make fun of the potato boy "hey you the superhero what's your super power to cry to momy" it made me really upset so i punched him in the nose causing him a nose bleed then the potato boy turned at me and told me "it seems that you're the one who's gonna protect me i'm not the one who's gonna protect you" and i laughed but when i turned around i saw the teacher standing behind me and she told us two that we're getting detention because of what we did but we didn't seem to care we went to the detention corner with a smile on our faces so we stood there for like 5 minutes then the teacher said that's it and she told us to never do it again and i promised her then we started the lessons i stayed with the potato boy for the whole day but in the end of the day when our parents came the teacher told them about what i did and mom said she was sorry because of my behave and she forgive me but when i went to see the potato boy his mom pushed me off and told me to never speak to him again that made me really sad and i went crying to my mom and she said "it's ok i'll make other friends" but all the kids were afraid from me cause they thought i'd punch them and after a week in this school mom transformed me to another school and i never saw the potato boy after it

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