Sasha is the biggest Justin Bieber and One Direction fan she was goin to a 1D and JB concert till her friend called and said.......
(Read to find out )


3. about my BFFS

Well I'll tell you how my BFFs look like

Anna is tall she has light brown hair , green eyes , she's petty skinny,and she is the person that keeps my fashion and Lisa's fashion up.

Lisa is pretty tall , she has brown hair , blue eyes, she is chubby but not fat , and she is the one that helps me and Anna learn how to talk to guys cause were too shy.

Well today is the concert i guess,as I told you Anna is the fashion person so me and Anna went shopping before the concert in 1 week. I saw a leather black tights that got my attention Anna told me that it was pretty so i got it and she found a purple shirt with a glittery star in the middle that stands out and last we choose hight heels that we're glittery,Lisa had already saved a dress since her birthday that she is goin to wear.

Anna decided to wear a ......

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