Helping Them

my name is Clarissa my mom calls me claire my mom asked me to go to the store because i was siting around doing nothing when i was walking i was pulled into a allyway by these to big strong guy they were going if it was not for louis he said i was to deep in shit and told me i had to do him a favor find and read the story and like and favorite it and comment if you want to be a co writer


8. the truth

Clarissa's prov 

z,p,l,n,h- tell us the truth 

liam- yea sis tell them the truth 

me- fine you want the truth 

yes they all yelled only if they knew it would put them in danger 

me-ok so i am in a gang called the Gunners I was alway's killing doing drugs and eveything my dad and mom knew so did Liam but not that I was in the Gunner's we were your guy's enemy's I liked it that way so I was on the porch getting the mail and my gang was in my garage hiding when out of know where there was a drive by shooting it was some of you guy's gang members they were mad at my gang and accidently shoot my dad and Liam was in your gang the Demon's he sat and watched the whole thing the cops soon came and Liam ran so did my gang so did the rest my mom made me take the blame and go to jail for two years I ended up going to another gang called the Destroyers and that was Anthony's gang I hated the I killed his daughter on accident and ran and moved to Bradford and the other place's I told you and now I got a strange accent but I wanted to stay in bradford and changed my last name to Jenner I use to have brown hair but yeah that's why those guy's are coming after me in the ally way that's why i have these injury's and when I heal I will not stop til Kill him and his crew and as for you Liam you are not forgiven oh and I killed three girls from school and beat the popular girl up 

P- what were the girls names 

me- Jesy,Jade,and Leigh-anne they were going  to tell the cops and Anthony where I was 

P- you fucking bitch you killed my friends 

she jumped on me and started to hit and scratch me I hit to find that spot where you press down and they fall asleep and she did 

Zayn-your the one that killed half of the gang and what did you do to her 

me- just put her to sleep 

louis-so that happened because of anthony   

Liam- why did you not tell me your in those gang's 

me-I was to far in they would have killed you and I still am I have to go and intercept a drug deal from my old gang 

Liam- no i got to get you out of this and your injured 

me-i don't care and i am 19 years old 

Niall- If you are nineteen years old why are you still in high school and what age did you get in a gang  

me- i kept it a secret from my family but i was about 14 or 13 

Harry- you are to far in we can not get you out 

me-i feel like i know you from some where what is your last name 

Harry- Styles,and i am 19 to 

me- i knew it when i was in Cheshire we were buddies  

Harry- yeah want to be that close again 

Niall-what kind of close 

me- i am not telling you 

Harry- fuck buddies that's what and we were close friends 

Liam- you fucked my sister 

me-alittle bit 

Harry- are you talking about we did that for 1 and a half years 

me- you are not helping this situation 

things just got quiet 

Liam-so why you here sis 

me- louis helped me when anthony's men jumped me  

Liam-so why are you here 

Author's note 

if you guy's want to be co-authors comment ,favorite,and like please 


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