MagicLove (Anime)

A warm story about a young girl name Alice (Cover).
A quiet girl from a small town moves to a livel city.
She meets with a young boy with brilliant white hair who keeps running into her.
Before they could get comfortable with ne another, Alice finds out that Max( the boy) uses magic.
Those this make things better or worse?


1. The Blooming Kingdom



It was a nice neighborhood.
we just moved in;
a new house,
a new job,
and a new school.

The environment was cold.There would be a cold breeze blowing across your face; hair fluttering with the wind giving you a beach girl look.
The shining sun danced across the fields slowly melting the snow blankets.Spring was soon to arrive.

It was a nice school.Students were scattered almost everywhere.The fields, the hall, even on the roof.They were enjoying themselves.

The lunch room was even crowed.t was roaring with life, laughter, and arguments.
I was so distracted by the liveliness that i ended up bumping hard into a someone.I dropped the books i just removed from my new locker and a few papers fluttered around.I fell on my behind.
When i opened my eyes i saw a boy kneeling with his hand handing me a pile of paper.
"Are you okay?" He grimaced with guilt.
I nodded
His brilliant white hair caught my attention.Looking at his blue eyes was like falling into a large clear ocean.
I retrieved the pile of paper when i relieved they were mine( it took him less than 5 seconds to collect them all? ). He held my hand and brought me up to my feet as he stood up.He was wearing velvet white gloves.
He bent down gathering my books then handed them to me; this time in normal speed.
"See ya." He flashed a quick bright smile and went dashing out of the lunch room.
When i turned around he was nowhere to be seen.

He vanished.


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