Being His Little Sister

Brylee Hemmings was the good girl in the family until her brother, Luke, left. Now Brylee is the bad girl. She thinks she's going into her brother's role in the family. What happens when Luke finally comes home with the rest of the band? Who will fall in love? Who will fall apart? Who will stay? Who will give up altogether? Read to find out!


1. Character Biographies! (Brylee)

Hello! My name is Brylee Hemmings

Yes I am the little sister of Luke

Hemmings. You see when he was here

I was a 'good' girl. But when he left

to work with his band, I became

a bad girl. I dyed my hair, I got

tattoos, and I got piercings. I 

will show you what I looked like

before and after!

This is before:-----------------------------------


And this is after:----------------------------


See how much I've changed?

Luke doesn't even know.

Okay. So I'm 16 years old and I have a best friend named Emily, but I call her Em. Luke calls me Mini Hemmo, and so does Mikey, Cal, and Ash. But Em calls me Bry-Bry. My dream is to go on the X-Factor. My favorite singers are Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato. And you already know my family. If you don't...Liz is my mum, Andrew is my dad, Luke, Ben, and Jack are my brothers. I'm close to my mum, but not that close with my dad. Before the big change, I had dirty blonde hair and I kept the length. My eyes are a mixture of blue and green with gold specks in the middle. I am 5'2" and I weigh 100 pounds, don't bother me. I started to get anorexic and I started to self harm after Luke left. I get bullied. Em and I don't go to the same school, but we get to see each other after school at Panera Bread. I don't like Starbucks and my regular at Panera Bread is a Carmel Latte. Did I convert you to Panera yet? No. It's okay.  I am really shy and the main reason I get bullied is because they think I'm mute. I am really loud, obnoxious, and weird.

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