Cruise Into Your Heart

Connor and Isabella meet on a cruise to the Caribbean, and what they thought was a few night fling, became something more. Their hearts wanted what they could not physically have. Izzy lived in Toronto, Canada. Connor lived in Los Angeles. Their long distance relationship slowly tears apart as do their hearts.


1. Eye to Eye

I combed through my long tangled hair. I threw my comb down in frustration. 

"Ugh, I wish I had straight hair!" I said to no one in particular.

My younger sister, Nicole, walked in from the other joint room and swiftly combed through her straight long brown hair. I envied her hair because she could wake up and not brush her hair and be able to walk out the door. If I didn't brush my hair before leaving my room, people would think I was electrocuted. 

"Come on mom, dad and Jake are waiting for us by the elevators to go down to the party." She said as she finished combing her hair. 

"Alright, alright." I pulled the comb one last time through the mess of tangles and followed behind Nicole. 

We quickly ran as fast as we could in our high heels to make it in time to ride in the same elevator as the rest of our family. 

"Girls take way too long to get ready," my brother, Jake, rolled his eyes.

"We have to at least try to look nice, unlike you," my sister shoots back.

"That's enough you two!" My mom said. 

My mom, Angela, is not the tough kind of mom. She usually lets us do whatever we wanted as long as it wasn't dangerous. 

The elevator "dinged" at deck 4, the party deck, to notify us that this is where we step out. 

As the door of the elevator slid open smoothly, you could see the bright lights shining on the dance floor and the loud music blaring. 

Jake, Nicole and I quickly ran out and I called back to my mom, "we're going to the teens section!" 

Without a second glance, we were headed in the direction of the teens area. The DJ was playing some random upbeat song and everybody was jumping around and having a fun time. 

We all went our separate ways. The teens area was split into two smaller areas. One for teens ages 13-16, which is the one Nicole went to since she was 15. One for teens 17-20, which is where Jake and I went to since he's 18 and I'm 17. 

Fireworks went off one after another. The sky quickly filled up with pops of red, green, purple, and yellow sparks.

This was our first ever cruise and so we had no idea what to expect. I had brought three dresses for the eight nights we were cruising for. 

I thought for my first impression dress, I would wear my strapless beige dress that had a medium sized black bow around my mid-part. 

I was ordering a can of Nestea when a voice interrupted me. 

"One for me as well," a boyish voice said.

I turned around and saw a taller boy with a small grin on his face. 

"Sure," the waiter said and then walked away.

"Um, hi?" I said to the boy.

"Oh sorry if that creeped you out. I thought I'd sneak in my order with you. I was just really thirsty."

"Uh okay. Sure no problem..." I stuttered and looked towards my feet. 

"Well actually, I just needed an excuse to talk to you," he shrugged and gave me a nervous look." 

"Oh. Why would you want to talk to me?" I looked up and saw his piercing green eyes. His hair was medium length and it was a golden brownish blonde colour. 

"Your dress is really pretty, and I came closer to see if you were as pretty." 

"and...?" I asked nervously. 

"Oh, you're way prettier than your dress." He smiled and a set of pearl white teeth shined. 

My heart melted. I've never had a boy that cute tell me that I was pretty. 

"Oh, by the way, I'm Connor." He said.

"I'm Izz- I mean Isabella." I stumbled over my own name. 

"Alright, Isabella. What's your number?"

"Wow. You're really a forward guy."

"I'm never this forward usually. I just wanted to try it out you know? Is it working?"

"Oh it's working alright." I smiled at him as I input my number in his phone and handed my phone to him to do the same. 

"I'm on the ninth level," I told him, "drop by whenever."

"I'm on the fourteenth," he said, "drop by whenever."

Just as we were about to say our goodbyes, our drinks arrived and he said, "well, I guess now our drinks are here, we have to drink them together."

We clinked our cans and told each other more about ourselves. 

By the time I got into my hotel room, my heart was still thumping loudly and the number of butterflies in my stomach had doubled.

I've never had a boyfriend. That was my first ever successful conversation with a boy. 


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