When the snow melts

A semi-depressing view of Christmas. Written for the Christmas writing competition, enjoy!
Ice sculpture on the cover is by Nele Azevedo


1. When the snow melts

So it's Christmas?

Great, time for goodwill and cheer!

Let's all be friends for the first time this year.

We'll sing together and keep each other warm,

Cold? Yes, come in for dinner! Don't stay in the storm.


So it's Christmas?

Great, invite the family round!

Let's make sure our brothers and sisters are all safe and sound.

When was the last time I saw you? Really? That long?

I'm sorry, have my number, the old one is wrong.


So it's Christmas?

Great, let's get together!

Make quick decisions under a plant to decide our forever.

No, honestly, I promise, you're unlike any other!

Just you and me my darling, the world's first true lovers.


So it's Christmas?

Great, let's call off all the wars!

We should live in harmony and work together to mutual cause.

The cause? Let's end poverty! Or disease! Or world hunger!

Why should anyone live in worse conditions than all others?


Oh, it's Boxing Day?

That's a real shame.

All the love and kindness has just melted away.

Now you're just another beggar, of no concern to me,

And I could do with a good long break from all my family.

And this girl? Who is she? I can't remember her name.

Well she doesn't look too special, just more of the same.

Oh and you? Kneeling, with your hands held in the air?

Well that's sweet, but I've got a gun and I don't really care.


When the snow melts away,

Good old human nature returns.

Who cares if I started the fire?

If I'm not the one who burns.


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