i love u

Ummm. It's were a shy girl meets her hot boss


2. The first day

I was walking when I bumped it to someone and fell the the ground in my head I was thinking wtf watch were your going but when I looked it to whoever pushed me and I noticed it was am an but not any kind of man a fucking sexiest guy every but them I noticed he was talking time oh stupid me for not paying attention    

*  mystery man * you should really watch were your going 

*Anna* I'm so sorry sir 

*Mystery man* it's ok next time watch out ~walks away~ 

Anna keeps walking in tell she sees the place she has to work at it was big she thought the man who owed it was named James. She starts to walk in and went to the James office but when she went in she never expected who it was it was the mystery man she bumped in to.


*Anna* I'm sooo sorry James I didn't mean to dump in to you earlier 

*James* it's ok but may i know what's your names please 

*anna oh sorry it's Anna 

*James* that's a lovely names 

*Anna* thanks 

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