Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


7. Without them...

Brittany was sitting in Chance's parent's car. She sat by him, hand in hand, silently. His mom was very accepting that they were a thing now, and that she was going to be staying with them for a while, until she could go back home.

"So, Brittany. You and Chance are dating? When did that happen?" she said.

Brittany smiled, "Well, yes. We just started dating...", she said. Chance grinned.

"Yeah, Brittany and I have known each other for a while. We just, kinda clicked today..."

His mom sounded surprised.

"Today? That's a little early for her to stay with us and all, are you sure? I'm not saying Brittany is a bad person, she's a great person, and she's very lovely. I just don't know if this is too early for this all or not. Chance are you sure about this?" she said.

Chance felt a little defensive.

"Mom, I'm sure you're making her feel unwelcome. Could you please just drop it?" he said annoyed.

His mom just nodded her head and they pulled into the driveway to their house. Chance rushed out to open the door for Brittany and escorted her into the house.

"You're such a gentlemen, Chance. You know you don't have to be all sweet like this for me.", she said smiling. He grinned and shook his head. "I'm being nice to you because you are my girlfriend, you just got treated like crap by me, and you got kicked out of your house. Why shouldn't I be nice? I like you that much, too." , he said.

They dropped her stuff off in his room and he got her side of it ready for her to stay in. He asked her what music she liked and turned on the radio.

"I love this song!", she shrieked.

He laughed and started singing with it, and he took her hand. He pulled her into like a ballroom dancing position, and they danced along to the song, giggling. After the song ended they sat down on the bed to do their homework. 

"Hey, I don't get this. How are you supposed to get 1/4 if it's like this." she pointed to the book.

He smiled, "Okay. Hold on." he said.

She smiled. He turned to her and explained that it wouldn't be 1/4.

"Sorry, I'm not good at math. I don't know how I got in Pre-Algebra...", she said kind of bummed.

"Hey, it's not a big deal, I'm not very good at it either. Don't get upset over it.", he said this and took her hand. She smiled at him and he put his arm around her. 

"Kids! Dinner's here! Hurry down here!" his mom called from downstairs.

They grinned, and said in unison, "Food!", and they raced each other down stairs. Chance won, but he had a head start anyway.

His mom smiled, "So, you guys are that hungry? Good, 'cause I ordered Chance's favorite. Crab ragoons, and shrinp fried rice with extra shrimp and soy sauce. You do like shrimp, right Brittany?"

Brittany grinned, "Yes! I love shrimp. Thanks you so much!" she said. 

As they ate, Chance wouldn't let her hand go. His mom looked worried that they were 'just dating'. But, they both knew that it was nothing to worry about. They just had strong feelings for each other. Then, the silence was broken by the opening and slamming of a door. It was his dad. 

"Martha! I need you to- Who's this? And why is she holding hands with Chance? What went on while I was at work?", he said bitterly.

Chance winced, "Dad, this is Brittany, she's my girlfriend... She had a really bad day, and she got kicked outta her house. Could you please be nice to her? Mom said she can stay here for a while, until everything dies down."

His dad glared at first then softened his expression, once he saw Chance hold Brittany a little tighter, as if to shield her from a blow.

"Okay, fine. I guess I over reacted by acting so mad about it. She's really cute, nice Chance.", he grinned at him. 

"So, dad, how was work?", Chance said changing the awkward subject.

"Good, how was school?", he said.

"Bad. But I got it worked out. It got a lot better when she said that she'll go out with me...", he smiled and put his arm around her. Brittany smiled.

"Oh gosh! We haven't introduced anyone correctly. Dad, this is Brittany, Brittany, this is my dad. You both already know mom, so yeah.", Chance said. They all smiled at each other. 

After that, they all went upstairs and read some books. About nine, they all started to get ready for bed. Since Brittany didn't have any pj's she just wore her extra sweats, and one of Chance's T-shirts. 

"You look cute in that, Brittany." Chance said grinning.

She looked at the ground, "Oh gosh... Stop making me blush.", she said. He came up to her and sat beside her on the bed. He grinned.

"So, first day of being Gf, and Bf. It was weird. But, I still love you.", he said. Brittany felt so happy now. "I love you too. It was weird today, and I wouldn't change a thing about it." she said looking at the ground, smiling. He leaned closer and kissed he lips lightly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they wouldn't let go of each other. They didn't notice that his parents had come to send them to bed, and they stood at the doorway giggling. He finally drew back, and blushed. The two parents laughed louder now, and Chance finally saw them.

"You didn't see any of that did you?", he said. They nodded their heads and told them to go to bed.

But before his dad left he told them this, "And, I don't mean with each other, just to make it clear love birds." They giggled and went to bed.

"Good night, Brittany. I love you."

"Good night, Chance I love you too." And they fell asleep.

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