Ruby is a shy girl who's been bullied.
She has no friends.
One day this all changes


3. chapter 3

That was the best day of my life.

It was nice to finally have a friend, I got her number to. And we always text each other. I kinda was already awake before the alarm so I just turn it off. I get out of bed and do my hair, makeup and get myself dressed. I have no idea how today is gonna go because Luke and his whole gang weren't there. Weird if you ask me.

I then looked out of the window and noticed we have new neighbours. I wanted to see who moved next to us but I could only see a woman with blond hair going inside. Well guess lm going to see them later or is it a she? Doesn't matter I will find out later. I then got downstairs had a quick breakfast. And walked outside walking to the bus stop. Because I was to lazy to walk. I then got a tap on my shoulder, and turned around and met with icy blue ones. Luke


Sorryyyy for the short chapter will try my best. lm so happy that so many people actually liked the story THANKYOU soon much for that love you all


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