Unspoken [l.t.]

This is a story about Louis Tomlinson he is the popular one at school and Calie (the narrater most of the time) is well not so popular... "Hi i'm Calie... You know how in movies the guy and the girl fall in love and call it true love and blah.. blah.. blah... They live happily ever after and the end. We girls fantasize of that happening but we all know its not true."


1. Disclaimer

These are all my ideas. None of these events actually happened. Please ask me if you want to put this book in another place. There may be some curse words in here and maybe some violence if you do not like that then this is not the book for you. There also might be a youtube video or two in here that I probably do not own so I will give full credit to the owner of the video. Do not pleadgerize its against the law and I don't want you guys to get in trouble! Also i have asked my friend Calie if i can use her name and she said it was ok. Enjoy!

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