My Vampire Knight x reader Fanfic

From the anime Vampire Knight you have a crush on Zero but Kaname always seems to want to talk to you or get into your head but you and Zero actually know each other...well before Kaname wiped your memories....


1. Oh my...

I bit my tongue as i saw him. I thought I recognised him at first…I mean no one can be that serious and cold. He was a transfer student from Cross Academy. Zero Kiryu huh? His  pale purple eyes was reflecting the sunlight which made them sparkle in a fascinated way… I never craved such blood in my life but yet he seems so familiar..



‘’You would really take your life to save a vampire hunter family? You really fall for humans don’t you” 

He laughed. I jump out of my nightmare. I always have that one memory. I mean I don’t remember that family but its only because my brothers close friend wiped all the memories away. Kaname Kuran. A pureblood but Kaname seems to be taking his role too seriously…


“Ah _____ this is where you were? Everyone in the night class has been looking for you”
“Er…just thinking about something thats all and I just wanted to escape from that classroom”


Kaname takes a step closer and slowly looking into my eyes like he’s investigating my soul. I stared back at him dazed in his brick red eyes, when you’re so close to Kaname his eyes just seems so relaxing and makes you feel so at ease but this time you had one thing on your mind…and that was how you feel like you know Zero Kiryu.


“Sorry Kaname but may i be excused?” 

“Why would you want to be excused ____?”

“I-I don’t know I just gotta clear my head”


Before he could respond you dashed away so fast that he can’t catch up with you. Please don’t follow me Kaname…

I wasn’t looking where i was going then i bumped into some tall figure and fell right on my butt. I look up with my (e/c) eyes then you see the last person you want to see.(Great!..) 


“Watch where you’re going!”

“I-I’m so sorry” I bow my head and stare at my feet.

“Hey do I know you? You seem familiar…”

“I don’t think so…”

“Well whats your name?”


“We gonna stand here all night waiting for you to tell me your name?”


“Well _______ watch where you’re going”

He starts to walk off then you shout out to him,

“Hey! You gonna tell me your name then!?”

He turned around staring at me with those cold violet eyes.




When he walked away there was a pain in my chest that was unbearable. I fall onto the floor clutching onto my stomach and my neck.

What is wrong with me…Why do I want his blood so badly?





**Zero POV**


Why does it feel like I know her? She reminded me of this girl I use to play with along with Ichiru…Until the night of my parents death…That’s when i knew the real her. I don’t know how i ended up there but I was standing outside the dorms that Kaname was staying in with his ‘vampire posse’…I need a favour from Kaname but I doubt he’ll help me.


“Well this is unexpected…Zero Kiryu coming for help? This must be a dream..”

“I need a favour”

“What does the hot head want? *Laughs* Blood? or a certain someone?…”

“I need your help to get my memories back of a girl i use to hang out with a lot…the one i fell in love with…”

Kaname was laughing at me like i said the funniest thing…god i wish i could kill him! I grit my teeth waiting for a reply. Then he smiles at me.


“How about I’ll show you her instead? I think i should tell you this but i wiped her memory to forget you”

“….What why?”

“Because I fell in love with her and also she was starting to change and you know it Zero”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about but all I know is that its a load of crap”


I get my blood rose from inside of my pocket and placed it on Kaname’s head. He stared right into my eyes which creeped me out then after a long silence he finally said,

“You gonna shoot or what? Or are you afraid?”

“Pffft Of what may i ask? A load of good for nothing vampires that deserve to be dead?”

“The girl of your dreams is one of us”


“She is much more stronger then a pureblood and way more powerful. Even though she doesn’t know it she can break my memory loss spell and especially yours”

“Why the mind g-“


Before i could finish my sentence she was right there on the top of the stair case staring down at me. I looked closely at her eyes…they were shiny and puffy. Was she crying? I put away my bloody rose slowly.

“_______? Are you okay?”

I walked slowly to her forgetting that Kaname and his posse was there.

“Z-Zero? The little boy that i always played with? Th-That had a twin brother Ichiru…?”


Before i could take her hand she wrapped her arms around my neck holding me tight while she was crying quietly on my shoulder.

“I’m so sorry!”

“F-For what?”

For some reason while she was hugging me I could feel my cheeks getting hotter and so i looked in the reflection off the glass window…I was really red. Why am i like this? I’m never like this..


Is she the one….the one that can fix my world?

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